Bellator MMA Is No Joke: Bellator Fighting Championship XII Best Is Last

Margus LCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

If you have not seen Bellator Fighting Championships yet - it is about time to get started! For 12 weeks it has been broadcasted on ESPN Deportes (spanish) channel - but english speakers have always the option to check their website on Wednesdays:

Today they are broadcasting the last Bellator Championship, twelth one of he series, which involved the following matches:

Josh Martin vs. Sergio Moraes

Thats is exactly the kind of fight that made me say "Bellator is no joke!". Must see: one newcomer making a statement

Jorge Masvidal vs. Eric Reynolds

One could argue that had the cards fallen correctly (Reynolds/Imada and Masvidal/Alvarez) - this could have been a fight worthy of finale. Still, look for those two to battle it out for the #1 contender label.

Hector Lombard vs. Jared Hess

This will be for the 185 pound Bellator MMA championship belt and $100K for the winner. Only thing I have to say is: "THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!"

Eddie Alvarez vs. Toby Imada

Toby Imada is the guy who pulled out of "Upset of the year" and "Submission of the year" candidate with his victory over Masvidal - youtube highlight can be seen here. So watch this fight to see if Imada can perform another miracle or is Eddie Alvarez the favorite as good as he is touted to be!

That's it, 4 exciting fights, 2 champions crowned, english coverage at:

Also check out Bellator's Youtube Channel for previous highlights of the season:

Disclaimer: Even though Bellator is not (and never will be) as good as UFC is - you can still check it out for that weekly MMA fix when UFC is not broadcast and as long as you have seen every UFC fight up to date