If Red Bull Want The Title, They Need to Make The Call Now!

PaulSenior Writer IJune 24, 2009

After seven races, the only kink in the armour of Brawn F1 and Jenson Button was a loss to Red Bull/Sebastian Vettel. Hope was high for the team, Button and his British fans, that The British GP was going to be a Button affair. Commentators were calling the race and the title his.

Well history tells us that Vettel dominated the race and destroyed all before him, including his team mate Mark Webber. In qualifying, he grabbed the poll carrying the heaviest fuel load and proceeded to walk away from the field. While all this was happening, his teammate failed to take the second spot on the grid with a costly error. They proceeded to follow Rubens Barrichello all the way to the first stop, never applying any pressure, even though Webber was in a dominant car.

The result of Vettel's brilliant drive, and the awesome pace of the Red Bull has introduced the title chase with a glimmer of hope. Now, the questions that arise from this are twofold. Can Red Bull make the right decisions? Can Jenson be caught? The later question first, can Jenson Button be caught? Well if his drive this weekend is any indicator, then yes he can indeed be caught. Clearly the Brawn was not at it's usual best. Still Jenson's teammate drove the car to its limit and netted a third place. While Jenson never looked like a title contender, clearly cracks appeared in his armour.

So if Jenson can be caught and assuming that the pace Red Bull is real. We are left with one question, can Red Bull make the right decisions?  Decisions that need to be made if they are to have any shot at the title. It is obvious that the only way they can have a shot at the title, is to pick a clear number one. With his second win of the season and the way he dominated all at Silverstone, including his teammate, Sebatian Vettel is the clear and obvious choice. He is faster, knows how to win, is better at qualifying, and is better in the wet.

So, does Red Bull have the right style of management, to make the correct call? Or will they lose their chance with silly decisions?