Roger Clemens: Why Is Everyone Lying About Me?

John LewisSenior Writer IApril 30, 2008

So let me get this straight. Roger Clemens didn't take steroids and sued former trainer Brian McNamee to get his reputation back, then went in front of Congress (which didn't help his case to look innocent). 

Now he met a 15-year-old and the relationship didn't turn sexual until she was of age and he mixed it up with other women from California, Boston and Manhattan.

Supposedly he flew them around and paid for expensive jewelry and according to his former flame's mother Gayle Inge, "I know Roger was infatuated with Mindy."  This revelation is not good news for Roger and his camp, certainly now that he has a defamation suit out there because his reputation was tarnished. 

We all know this has nothing to do with steroids, but it does have something to do with his character.  He's running around in front of congress saying he's a family man and he would never do anything to break that up.

While you may love your wife and kids, Roger you can't file a lawsuit knowing that others are going to dig up dirt on you, and then act like people are lying.  This is definitely messing with your karma and the effects of all your deeds are coming back to get you.  If you would have just kept your mouth shut this wouldn't be happening.

But now Roger has to field questions about the other woman he was "infatuated" with and how he flew them around on his private plane.  Roger is of course not saying a thing about all this, which is funny because he did all the talking against Brian McNamee.  Interesting change of events being that Roger has been so vocal in the past. 

My question is what is Debbie Clemens feeling?  She was prepared to take the heat for Roger by saying she was injected with HGH and not her husband, but can she take the heat for this one.  The Clemens' are in a mess that even David Copperfield couldn't escape from. 

So where does this new information about Roger's romances go?  Well from a law stand point, no judge would allow this to be part of his defamation case but it could influence the perception of his innocence.  While it isn't fair for all this to come out now, Roger had to know what he was getting himself into. 

The funny thing is maybe Barry Bonds is probably responsible for Roger's indiscretions hitting the tabloids.  This would certainly keep the heat off himself for a while, at least until his case goes to court.

This has been like reality TV and I'm watching and waiting to see what happens next.