Alan Curbishley: Please Stop The Excuses

Jamie MasonCorrespondent IApril 29, 2008

"The one thing that disappoints me is that people haven't taken into account the problems that we've had with the injuries"

"You look at the sides who have been successful this season, like Everton, Portsmouth and also Manchester City. They have had settled sides, you know their team most weeks. We have never had a settled side in any shape or form"

Just two of the quotes that have come from the West Ham managers mouth as he tries to tell the world why West Ham have lost a game.  When they win its great, injuries don't get mentioned then a loss and the excuses come out again.

Who's to blame, is it the physio for not doing a thorough job on the players, is it the groundsman, maybe the grass hasn't been cut right or maybe the finger of blame should be pointed at ... ALAN CURBISHLEY.

Its he that advised the board the players he wanted to bring in, and who were they?  Kieron Dyer, Craig Bellamy, Freddie Ljungberg.  When was the last time these 3 played a full season.  That's one thing these won't guarantee you.  West Ham also signed Julien Faubert and he was unlucky as he got injured in pre-season but even when he has been fit again it hasn't taken him long to get injured.  Dean Ashton, another example.  Injured on England duty nearly 2 years ago he has come back and been injured time and time again.  Why is this.  All season long players have been injured, come back and played 2 to 3 games and then out again for 2 months.  Should Curbishleys training programme be brought into question.

Since he took over West Ham have averaged 12 injured players every week.  Under previous managers Harry Redknapp and Glenn Roeder the figure was never that high so what is going on.

The latest excuse (planning for next season) is the budget.  Curbishley has been told to cut the wage bill before bringing players in and I make the chairman right.  He must be frustrated as if rumours are to be believed Freddie, Bellamy and Dyer average 70k a week so that is near to £1/4m a week going to players that aren't playing.  Why should he allow the manager to bring in players if his record shows the ones he brings in spend more time with the Physio.  Curbishley has also stated he hasn't had any money to bring players in so he is struggling to take the club forward.

Scott Parker (£7m), Bellamy (£7m), Faubert (£6m), Dyer (£6m), Boa Morte (£5m), Ljungberg (£3m), Calum Davenport (£3m)

That's just some of the players Curbishley has brought in and since he has taken over has spent £46m on fees along not taking into account wages.  Not bad for someone who hasnt been backed.

If Curbishley spent more time planning for the game ahead rather than looking for the excuse should West Ham lose then he might find his team play better than the rubbish the fans have been viewing this season.  It may be a season of progress positionwise but on the field the team have been awful and to some the end of the season cant come quick enough.

Next game: (a) Manchester United.  Get ready for the excuses!!!!