Manny Vs. Boiled Down Zombie 2: This Time It's Ridiculous

Steve IrwinCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 30:  Trainer Freddie Roach attends 'The Battle of East and West', a promotion for the May 2, 2009 World Junior Welterweight Championship boxing match held at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 30, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

I thought this was pretty common knowledge. Maybe in Canada, but I guess I’m going to have to educate you American boxing “pundits”.


I struggle to believe that you’re not aware of the issues regarding Manny facing welters.


The problem is not the catch weight, or even the weight division. Even Arthur Abraham could make weight at 154, if you give him 3 months and 10 million bucks.


The issue is, that once ALL boxers make this weight, they simply pile it all back on again. It’s how they function – destroy themselves in the ring for 3 months to make weight, and then just put it back on so they are healthy in ring.


The problem with the De la Hoya and Cotto fights aint the weight division. Neither had, or will have any problems making the weight.


The problem is the stipulations Arum and Roach put in the contract. Stipulations to basically stop Manny facing anyone heavier than him.


To educate, Manny’s in ring weight versus Marquez, at Super-Feather was a meaty 146 pounds. His in ring weight versus Diaz was 147 pounds. His in ring weight versus De la Hoya was 148 pounds. His in ring weight for Hatton as 147 pounds.


It’s safe to assume that 147, in ring, is basically Manny’s optimum in ring boxing weight. No matter where he fights.


Against De la Hoya, as part of their negociations, they stated that Oscar had to weigh in at 147, and lost a percentage of his purse for every pound he put on by fight night.  


Roach himself stated that he would pull Manny out if Oscar was in ring, over 150 pounds.


Oscar’s traditional in ring welter weight was historically around 165. Because of the deal he signed to get a crack at the PFP number 1, he went into the ring at 147.


The same weight Manny weighed, in ring against Marquez………


Oscar was around 147, in ring, in his days as a Super featherweight. So you can see the magnitude of a 35 year old fighter, trying to make that sort of in ring weight.


Manny vs. Oscar turned into Manny vs. boiled down zombie. And the legitimacy of the win was soon forgotten.


For his legacy sake, I hoped this was a one off. As we all know, if you move up in weight, you by definition face naturally bigger guys.


But I’ve heard that the same stipulations will apply for the Cotto fight.


Catchweight of 144. Fine. That’s fair. The problem is, that in order for Cotto to get the fight, he also has to agree enter the ring, like Oscar, at a measly 147 pounds.


Manny’s optimum fight weight.


To put this into context. Cotto really struggled at junior-welter, and many people considered his struggles with Torres and Malignaggi, to be down to the fact that he was a Welter, trying to campaign at 140. Weight draining.


Cotto was in ring at 157 for the Malignaggi fight.  10 pounds heavier than he will be allowed to enter the ring versus Pacquiao.


Titles do not change hands on these sort of “stipulation” fights for a reason. The boxing boards involved won’t recognise them.


Arum and Roach for me are using the PFP status, to pack these sort of fights in Manny’s favour.


Basically making big guys boil down to his own best fighting weight.


I read a boxing forum where the author had named his article “Manny vs. Zombie 2. What’s the point?”.


I have to agree fully.  These fights get forgotten, as there are too many question marks.


Would Manny actually beat a 160+ Cotto? Was Cotto drained?


Manny just can’t win. If he loses he loses. If he wins, the guys 20 pounds under his natural weight – with Manny being in ring at his best.


And it’s really why the greats are remembered for beating bigger guys, at there own weight divisions.


If Manny wants to face lightweights, he should just fight guys like Marquez or Mayweather.


It's plain obvious that Roach and Arum have no intention of actually putting Manny in with anyone abouve 140.


I think the pretty poor PPV figures for most of Pacquiaos last 3 fights reflects the facts that although he has a fanbase, not everyones fooled by it.


I think even mad Manny fans can accept the fact that there will be a big "but" after the sentence "Manny Pacquiao beat Miguel Cotto".