IPL: 10 Great Run Outs in the Tournament's History

Alex Telfer@@troyspeerFeatured ColumnistMay 10, 2014

IPL: 10 Great Run Outs in the Tournament's History

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    Most cricket fans will probably have run out a teammate in a match for their school or local team at some stage in their life. Remember that sickening feeling of guilt and blame?

    Now imagine doing that on one of the sport's biggest stages and getting the replay beamed in your face and on constant rotations throughout the world on the Internet.

    Such as this Bleacher Report compilation list of IPL run outs! This collection of the best (or worst depending on your point of view) run outs is ranked loosely in ascending order. Enjoy.

10. Calamitous Amir Mishra Run out

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    Firstly, not all run outs are the result of an athletic piece of fielding or a sniper-like throw. Take this one here involving Amit Mishra auditioning for the Keystone Cops.

    Amazingly the fielders miss two attempts at the stumps, but even with the batsman barely out of his crease, get a third opportunity and duly take it.

9. MS Dhoni

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    A great piece of reactionary skill from MS Dhoni here gets a little lost in the confusion as to who has actually been dismissed.

    But if you watch closely, the Indian skipper actually tells his fielder to hold back from removing the bails until the better batsman has crossed with the weaker one.

8. Kieron Pollard

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    Kieron Pollard is through on goal...and he scores! A great finish here by the big Trinidadian to run out Yuvraj Singh at a fairly crucial stage of the innings.

    Pollard is just one of those cricketers you can't keep out of the game. Whether with the ball, bat or even fielding, the 26-year-old always seems to be involved.

7. Sachin Tendulkar

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    Two things to note about this. Firstly, never break the cardinal rule of cricket to "Never run on a misfield."

    Secondly, after initially fumbling the ball, what a sharp recovery and quick-thinking from Sachin Tendulkar.

6. David Warner

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    One minute the commentator is congratulating the batsmen on their "good batting" as they push for a quick couple of runs.

    The next, David Warner has swooped in and knocked down the stumps from 60 yards to leave a bewildered Stuart Binny walking back to the dugout.

    Please note, due to containing content from Indiatimes, this video may have to be viewed directly on www.youtube.com.

5. David Warner Again

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    Fast forward to 1:05 in this compilation of the best run outs in 2009, to see an exceptional stop, pickup and release from Australia's David Warner.

    The aggressive batsman isn't everybody's cup of tea, but it is hard not to admire this exceptional piece of work.

4. Albie Morkel

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    Apologies for the quality of the footage, but Albie Morkel shows a great reaction to run out Herschelle Gibbs in an IPL clash between Chennai and the sadly defunct Deccan Chargers.

    The 32-year-old South African has perhaps struggled to live up to the hype in his international career, but he remains a potent force in T20 cricket.

3. Yuvraj Singh

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    Jonty Rhodes' famous run out of Inzamam in the 1992 World Cup has obviously inspired Yuvraj Singh here.

    In a pressure-cooker situation with Mumbai needing two runs to win off just one ball, the Indian star reacts incredibly quickly.

2. Rohit Sharma

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    Another one from the Best Run Outs in IPL 2009 compilation, jump to 3:27 to see a lightning-paced piece of work from Rohit Sharma.

    First, a diving one-handed stop, then, from his knees and with just one stump to aim at, he knocks down the willow to beat the batsman by a matter of inches.

1. Brett Lee

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    Fast forward one minute and 54 seconds into this video for arguably the greatest run out in the IPL's history so far.

    OK, so it may be a risky single, but Australian pace merchant Brett Lee still shows incredible athleticism to turn a half-chance into a sensational run out.