Premier League Broadcasting, Sky, Virgin and BT

Perm VacationCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

Many entertainment broadcasters such as BT Vison, Sky, and Virgin Media are working towards replacing Setanta, many Setanta subscribers are worrying that they will be paying for something they will not receive i.e. English and Scottish Premier League football.

I cannot speak for Sky or Virgin Media but I am a BT Vision customer and have done my part in investigating what will happen in the next month or so.

I made a few phone calls to BT to clarify what will be happening with Setanta, now seeing as I do not pay for Setanta as it is free to Bronze, Silver and Gold Pack subscribers I had no worry of not getting what I was paying for.

If you are however paying for Setanta then you will inevitably be paying for the Setanta channel minus Premier League football. Setanta it seems will probably go into administration but the word is that Setanta will still be broadcasting its channels in the process.

BT have however confirmed and reassured me they are doing all they can and are in the process of working on a solution to give their customers the sports coverage they are currently losing with Setanta.

Whether that be with ESPN or Sky I do not know but I know this much, Sky are apparently working with ESPN. I am sure all you American and Canadian Premier League fans are throwing a party right now, congratulations.

The group are Sky, Setanta, ESPN, BBC, ITV, Virgin Media and Eurosport.

Many British viewers maybe thinking but what about us, well all I can say is I'm not worrying as these broadcasters are currently working on it, its inevitable as we pay to watch, if we are not paying they are out of a job and out of pocket.

English domestic cup action will probably still be covered by ITV and the BBC is my guess.

BT Vision customers: Do not throw away your Setanta Viewing Card, BT are working on bringing us the channel or channels that ESPN will broadcast Premier League football on.

Setanta GB has gone into administration.