Timberwolves Going To Get Fifth Pick, Are Now Eying Grizzlies' Second Pick

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

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Recent Reports have talked about the Wolves reaching an agreement to trade for the fifth pick. This could be another possible scenario.

As Draft Day is right around the block most of us can expect trade rumors to be flying out here and there involving players, and draft picks. This one has a big potential of happening. It's pretty similar to what the now defunct Seattle Supersonics did back in 2007.

They had property over the second overall pick in which they used to select Kevin Durant out of Texas. They than traded Ray Allen and the rights to Glen Davis for Wally Sczczerbiak, Delonte West and the fifth overall pick, which they used to select Jeff Green.

The Thunder are now looking to be an upcoming team in the NBA and have caught many peoples attention.

The T'Wolves are planning to do the same.

They currently hold the sixth pick in the draft this year and speculations have lead to them drafting Stephen Curry, or the best player available. That might not happen now. The Washington Times are reporting that the Wolves might be interested in trading for the Wizards' fifth pick for a couple of players and their draft picks.

Looking at the Wizards current standpoint they have had interest in trading away their picks for a veteran(s).

Looking at the Wolves they recently let go of Kevin McHale and are looking to head in a new direction. Getting the most out of this draft seems what they are aiming at.

Now we look at the Grizzlies who have had offers from other teams for their second pick.

This is would could happen:


Wolves get

Second Pick


Wizards get

Mike Miller

Randy Foye

28th pick


Grizzlies get

Fifth pick

Kevin Love

18th pick

Now Wizard fans are probably killing them selves right now. It seems like you guys get nothing. That's wrong.

Miller is a good player, who is only 29. He is in his prime and will be playing great. He did not fit in with the Wolves system that's the reason why he averaged 9.9 PPG. He can be a 16-18 PPG guy if given the minute and right system. The Wizards are lacking in the perimeter spot as well. He is also a veteran, something the Wizards have wanted.


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Stats taken from the 2007-2008 season

Foye has also been coming along nicely improving his scoring averages each year he has been in the league. He would serve as a good back up point guard or could be traded, or possibly take over the spot if the Wizards decide to ship Arenas.

With having the 28th pick, the Wizards can also select a good role player to fill their needs.

Looking at the Grizzlies stand point of view they get a good upgrade in he PF spot and can select either Stehpen Curry, Holiday, or Evans. The could possibly land Tyler Hansbrough if he falls that far. Love was originally drafted by the Grizzlies and was traded off the Wolves for OJ Mayo.

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The Wolves get the best out of this. The receive the second pick and have their own pick in the number sixth selection. They could possibly lob for Thabeet at the second selection and still go for Evans or Jrue, like the Grizzlies. Ricky Rubio is a possible shot as well at the second spot.

"You could say that would complete our front line if we had somebody of that size and rim-protecting capability," Kahn said on Thabeet. "You could actually make an argument, and I'm not making that for me right now, but somebody could make that argument, that he would be the perfect fit."

With the Wolves reportedly agreeing with the Wizards for the 5th pick, the Grizzlies are now next.

Draft Day is on the 25th on ESPN.