Why Kane's Masked Gimmick Will Always Be Successful in WWE

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Why Kane's Masked Gimmick Will Always Be Successful in WWE
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Kane is currently wreaking havoc in the life of WWE World champion Daniel Bryan. The Big Red Monster is living up to his name as he continues to physically and psychologically attack his former tag team partner.

While fans witness the punishment that Kane is doling out, it's obvious that very few Superstars can match his level of theatrics in the company.

In fact, this storyline proves once again that Kane's masked gimmick will always be successful in WWE.

Kane only recently began wearing the mask again of course. Its return was the direct result of Stephanie McMahon questioning his intensity and character following Daniel Bryan's ascension to the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania 30.

Led by Stephanie and Triple H, The Authority had done everything in its power to keep Bryan down since SummerSlam of 2013. It was on that night when Hunter shocked the world by turning on Daniel and aligning himself with Randy Orton, whom the McMahon family publicly endorsed as the new face of the company.

The group's efforts to keep Bryan from the industry's biggest championship had been very successful, as every time he got close to the top, he was yanked back down once again.

However, WrestleMania 30 changed everything. For the first time, The Authority found itself with no control over the situation. Daniel became champion and the faction needed to lay the blame at someone's door.

Someone had to pay for Bryan's victory.

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Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30

That someone was Kane. After being called out on Raw, The Devil's Favorite Demon returned to the fold once again. It perhaps could not have come at a better time.

That is not to say that Kane did not do a good job in the role that he had been given. As WWE's Director of Operations, Kane acted as Triple H's right-hand man. Nevertheless, their work was not done in the boardroomit was done in the ring.

Kane was responsible for carrying out the wishes of The Authority on a weekly basis.  If Triple H had a target, he pointed Kane in the direction of that target. If Stephanie McMahon had an issue with a WWE Superstar, she had Kane resolve it.

Most of the time, Kane was used against Bryan. And it made perfect sense.

credit: wwe.com
Kane vs. Bryan

After all, Kane and Bryan had been in one of the most entertaining tag teams of all time. Team Hell No became the top duo in the company and was successful on every level.

Its antics in anger management class solidified the team as something much more than a comedy sideshow. It was killing it every week on TV and fans could not get enough.

Team Hell No was one of WWE's top acts and did a great job of entertaining fans every time it had the opportunity.

So when Bryan decided to go it alone and fight the power in WWE, what better man to tear him down than Kane? It was that notion that created their heat and propelled it forward. However, it was perhaps not until Kane put the mask on once again that the spark was truly ignited between them.

While Kane did a fine job in the corporate role, it's the full demonic character that has defined his WWE career. Preventing Daniel from reaching his goals may have been the mission of The Authority, but driving Bryan to run from the building with his wife in tow was all Kane.

This Kane is the one that not only plays mind games, he perfected them.

Kane is the monster under the bed, the killer in the closet. He relentlessly stalks his prey and makes life a living nightmare for his opponents. No one is safe from the psychological warfare he wages, and that definitely includes Bryan.

The feud between the two men is working because of Kane's mind games. Bryan withstood the physical assaults that The Authority subjected him to since last summer. He overcame its efforts and he rose to the occasion.

Now he is being attacked mentally. Kane is by far the best man for that job because, at the end of the day, no one is better or more successful in that role.

Kane played the corporate villain very well. As The Big Red Machine, though, he excels. For many fans, the masked gimmick is what Kane was born to do in WWE, and no one does it better.

The truth is that gimmick will always succeed because it can be used on any WWE Superstar at any time. Bryan is just the latest victim, but after the feud is over, there will be more. Kane is The Big Red Monster, always ready to devour his opponents.

And he always will be.

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