WWE Raw: Congrats, You've Been Trumped!

Kenesha Ashley NabriedContributor IJune 24, 2009

WWE Raw without any commercial breaks is unheard of; however, former owner of RAW, Donald Trump, promised just that. Nevertheless at 11:05 PM, I found myself wondering where all the time went.

As with every RAW, there are wrestlers trash talking others. There are backstage interviews and pay-per view previews. Then there's Mr. Vince McMahon. When he returns, we can expect a good portion of the time spent addressing the fans or doing skits with other wrestlers.

Last night was nothing different, even with a commercial-free RAW. One would think less commercials means more action.

I found the so-called "commercial-less" RAW was not "commercial-less" at all!

In fact, while seeing the bucket of KFC Grilled Chicken after every segment, I paid plenty of visits to my kitchen! Was this a weight-watchers ad? No. It was just a genius idea to create a facade for the viewers, and satisfy the sponsors at the very same time.


Randy Orton defeated Triple H- "Last Man Standing" match

I hate to admit this. I was actually very wrong in my prediction. I predicted Orton to remain WWE Champion; however, I thought the victory would come by way of Legacy. I saw an interference, a three on one attack if you would.

This was a solid "Last Man Standing" match. It had just the right amount of twists and turns. The intensity was there.

The only drawback was the fact that the match ended in a "draw."

Then again, McMahon being the genius that he is, scheduled a rematch for The Bash. Pay for the pay-per view and you'll receive an actual winner.


Big Show defeated John Cena

Earlier in the evening, Cena and The Miz shared a war with words. This ended with a fifth grade hit and run—Miz slaps Cena and immediately runs up the ramp.

Cena was provoked, so he brought his "A" game to his match later on that night with The Big Show. Cena appeared to have the upper hand throughout the match, but The Miz was not finished with his mind games for the evening.

Lately, Miz and Big Show have been working as an unofficial tag-team with the interferences. Big Show attacked John Cena two weeks ago during his long anticipated match with The Miz. Tonight, Miz took a cue from Show.

In both instances, Cena has been the target. I am sure John Cena is looking forward to getting his revenge against The Miz at The Bash. 


Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali defeated Edge, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler

This Smackdown Six-Man Tag Team match was actually really fun to watch. WWE World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk provided color commentary.

The highlight of the match came at the expense of "Team Cocky." Khali threw Edge, Jericho and Ziggler over the top rope. As the three attempted to get back to their feet, the high flyers, Hardy and Mysterio, felt it was the perfect opportunity to land cross bodies from the top rope.

The Great Khali was also in a high-flying mood. As the crowd watched in
anticipation, Khali attempted to climb the top rope, but was attacked from behind by Chris Jericho.

Jericho ruined a moment that would have been a sight to see.

CM Punk decided to congratulate Hardy in person for the victory. He blind-sidedly raised the hand of Hardy along with his world title. Hardy, realizing he was joined by Punk and not the referee, snatched his hand away aggressively.

Punk, left standing in the middle of the ring, enjoyed the spotlight. Punk was feeling a little "golden" and this was very visible by the smile across his face.


Cody Rhoades defeated Primo

One half of both Legacy and the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions faced each other in one on one action. DiBiase and Carlito watched from ringside.

Cody was able to win the match by pulling the tights of Primo.

This win definitely placed momentum on Legacy's side. Is this a preview of what's to come at The Bash? I certainly think so.


Mickie James and The Bella Twins defeated Maryse, Beth Pheonix and Rosa Mendes

Mickie James sent a clear message to Maryse when she emerged victorious. The will meet each other at The Bash. Expect some hair flying and pretty good diva wrestling.

Is it me or is Beth Pheonix's strength being downplayed drastically?

Again, I will refer to my Chyna reference. The only saving grace Pheonix has is that she doesn't have the "muscle mass" that Chyna had; thus, she is able fit in with the normal divas. I am hoping her identity will not get lost in the shuffle.


Those were the actual five featured matches of the evening. The remainder of that time was spent on the microphone.

In his debut as owner of RAW, Donald Trump made promises at Vince McMahon's expense.

One, being the commercial-free program.

Two, he mentioned there was no need for a general manager of RAW. Instead, he decided to bring in a celebrity guest host each week.

Most importantly, three, he decided to reimburse everyone in attendance at RAW for their ticket. The 240,000 in attendance equals $240,000 out of Mr. McMahon's pocket.

This was the final straw.

Mr. McMahon answered Trump by offering to buy back RAW. Being the negotiator that he is, Trump was able to weasel McMahon into paying him twice the amount he paid for RAW.

So, we're looking at the beginning and end of the Trump Era all in the course of two hours. Impressive.

In other news, Miss Wrestlemania Santina Marella was fired (Bummer!), and Maryse demanded The Miz to "impress" her. Not much else to report.

I genuinely enjoyed the episode. It was pretty good overall. More speech than action, but the speech was actually worth listening to this week!

I found myself wanting more by the end of it—I think that is exactly what McMahon was shooting for. 


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