Dana White Announces TUF 11: Grandma Dee's Dream

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJune 23, 2009

Some people dream of love, some dream of winning the lottery. I have dreamed of both with interesting results when I awoke, but my most recent dream was about MMA.

Naturally, when I awoke I decided to write this article and only put it off to catch up with my email, take my medicine, eat and spend time with my husband.

It surprised me a lot when Dana White invaded my sleep to bounce his latest idea for TUF 11 off me.

Although I have never met Dana White I would enjoy being one of his friends and sharing my unsolicited yet well intentioned ideas for the UFC with him.

It would probably not be a friendship of very long standing being that we are both very out spoken, stubborn and opinionated personalities.

If we were both fortunate we would not end up killing each other and find a way to peacefully coexist as we did in my dream.

TUF 11 is going to be titled "Neighbors" and will involve teams from Canada our neighbor to the North, and South America our neighbor a little more distantly removed and mostly below the equator.

None other than Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva, both favorite fighters of mine, have been chosen to captain the opposing teams.

Of course this is a situation that screams "Happy Birthday Grandma Dee," so I would expect it to be announced on Jan. 6, 2010. to the rest of the world.

Other than the fact that I will have by that date weathered 64 years, not many things would make a better birthday present.

Knowing that at the end of the TUF 11 addition to one of my favorite series, there would be a super fight between the two coaches would be the icing on my cake.

Now, anyone who knows me knows how passionate I can become over a favorite reality series, so the new year would be packed full of excitement and enjoyment for me that I would very much enjoy sharing it with all the other MMA fans in the world.

Georges would have had time after his July 11 event for rest recreation and correctly putting on muscle and gaining weight.

Anderson could end his UFC career by winning back the hearts of all the fans who criticized him after the Cote and Leites fights.

And Dana White could have one of his most vocal critics eating out of his hand.

What a wonderful party that would call for; I would want all my reader to be there to see me literally eat a piece of cake out of Mr. White's hand, unless he chooses like some silly new husbands to smash the cake in my face.

I do doubt he would risk a picture opportunity like that to get back at me for voicing my many opinions, though.

Anderson is doing so well with his English that I am sure he would be more comfortable speaking for himself, and if not, Georges is getting more fluent speaking Portuguese after his frequent forays to Brazil and could help out.

Because both Anderson and Georges are very fine gentlemen and good sportsmen to boot, I would not have to endure a lot of smack and trash talk before their fight.

What a blessing that would be. 

Even in my dream I could not find a downside to this, and hope that it was indeed a psychic message from my UFC nemesis and a sign of good things yet to come.

Here's hoping this dream can come true!

Incidentally, I did win a small amount on the lottery after playing the numbers I remembered from my third lottery dream. I would be rich now if I had just played the first two times I had lotto number dreams.

So you may laugh at my article, but I will keep hoping. I know how many of my dreams have come true.