Mike Miller and Randy Foye on Their Way to DC

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Mike Miller and Randy Foye on Their Way to DC
(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Ever since the lottery balls revealed to Wizards fans that Ernie Grunfeld would have to work with the fifth overall pick, I had a gut feeling the Wizards were going to deal the pick. 

Apparently, so did many others.

In the last month, thousands of possible trade scenario's were mulled over.  These rumors involved players like Manu Ginobili, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Larry Hughes, Amare Stoudemire, Ray Allen, or Josh Smith.

However, two days ago it was revealed that the Timberwolves had serious interest in the fifth pick and would be willing to part with both Mike Miller and Randy Foye to get him. 

I guess not all trade rumors are fabricated by Chad Ford.

The Wizards have agreed in principle to trade Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songaila, Etan Thomas, and the fifth pick for Randy Foye and Mike Miller.

With this trade, the Wizards save around $2,000,000 and strengthen their back-court.

Mike Miller will provide shooting, an area which the Wizards lacked dearly this past season.  Miller's tendency to play off the ball makes him a great fit to play alongside Arenas, who dominates ball possession.

Meanwhile, Randy Foye should be a terrific sixth man.  His scoring ability will be a useful asset off the bench and, if he can click with Nick Young, it could mean headaches for opposing teams.

Minnesota, on the other hand, adds the fifth pick to their collection, which was already composed of the sixth, 18th, and 28th picks. 

David Kahn, the new Timberwolves General Manager, now has a choice to make: Should he keep his two draft picks and create a little guard duo with guys like Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans or should he trade his picks for a higher pick so they can draft Ricky Rubio out of Spain?

No matter what the Timberwolves decide to do, this deal could be the groundwork for a great future. 

As for the Wizards, well they got the much needed shakeup they had been looking for.

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