True Fan or Band Wagon: Rapper Edition

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 6, 2014

True Fan or Band Wagon: Rapper Edition

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    No new friends teams.

    Today we'll be looking at the hip hop artists we frequently see chilling courtside—or, rather, peering into their very souls.

    Why are they really here? Are they true fans? Or KBG agents in lint rolled jeans here to hasten the decay of Western culture?

    These are the questions we seek to answer today in "True Fan or Bandwagon: Rapper Edition."

    So yolk the oxen and tell Drake to stop sending bottles to those damnable rattlesnakes. It's time to get this bandwagon on the trail!

Rick Ross

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    Claimed Allegiances: Miami Heat.

    I can't claim to know all of Rick Ross' loves and desires in this world, mostly because I don't listen to hip hop if I can't decide whether the artist wants to eat or drive his Maybach. I get hungry and confused.

    What I do know is that Ross the boss is a former corrections officer posing as a Miami Vice bad boy, and that he probably didn't come looking for a Heat ring in 2006. 

    There's also this video, where Ross watches James choose Miami and yells "I'm on Miami Heat now!"

    Status: Bandwagoner.


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    Claimed Allegiances: Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners. 

    Did you know Macklemore is Seattle, bro?

    Yes, you did. He practically fists the fact down your throat.

    If Macklemore was any more Seattle he'd be a fish flying through the air toward a coffee house grunge concert. His criminally overrated, pop hop music-making self even had the gall to tell the Oklahoma Thunder to stop playing his songs at their game. Why? Because they're not the SuperSonics anymore so wahhh!

    The worst part? Macklemore is not a bandwagoner in the least. He's a Seattle native and totally legit.

    Status: True fan.


Jay Z

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    Claimed Allegiances: Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, New York Jets, whoever will sign with him.

    Having a sports agency has changed the way Jay Z does fanship.

    The rapper sold his stakes in the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclay's Center in 2013 and has since focused his time entirely on subliminal battles with Drake Roc Nation Sports. He still can be seen at Nets games wearing black hats and looking interested, but isn't as Brooklyn-crazed as he was in his early days.

    Status: True fan. 

Kanye West

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    Claimed Allegiances: Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat.

    He calls Michael Jordan one of "the most important people of our civilization," then claims he—Kanye West—is the only reason people still wear Air Jordans. 

    But that's Yeezy; a man with a unique talent for contracting foot-in-mouth disease.

    West is a sports liker, as any love he might've once had for athletics has now hardened into a wild determination to be placed on a pedestal alongside the greatest legends in sports. He doesn't cheer for teams, he follows their stars hoping to find a correlation between his success and theirs. Michael Jordan and LeBron James aren't his idols—they're just hurdles on his journey to become the most important person ever.

    Status: Bandwagon observer.

    Kanye keeps one eye on the bandwagon, just in case there's some new superstar he needs to compare himself to.


Lil Wayne

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    Claimed Allegiances: Green Bay Packers, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Capitals, Floyd Mayweather.

    Weezy loves his sports a lot

    Lil Wayne wears pretty much any sports gear he can fit onto his body, however, unlike some of this colleagues, he pays attention to his sports business. The 31-year-old rapper wrote a sports column while in prison, and he readily admits how and how he—a kid from New Orleans—became a Green Bay Packers fan as a teenager.

    "[The Packers] won the Super Bowl in my hometown, and I was hooked," Wayne told Sports Illustrated's Peter King in an amazingly mismatched interview. "I am not missing a Packers game. Never. I don't care what kind of world I am in, where I am. When the Packers are playing, I'm watching."

    Also, if you're unsure of Wayne's claim to the Caps, here's a picture of Wayne chilling with Ovechkin and company in 2011. Yes, Drake was there. Of course he was.

    Status: True fan.


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    Claimed Allegiances: Toronto Raptors, Kentucky Wildcats, Miami Heat, Seattle Seahawks.

    I've joked before that nowadays every championship trophy comes with Drake and a free bottle of Ace of Spades. He's the quintessential frontrunner, the glory hound who hops in the championship photo with his finger raised like he helped these guys lace up their first pair of Nikes. 

    The truth, however, is Drake never grew out of his child-fan stage. We all had Drake-ish tendencies growing up, as you tended to cheer for players over places. You idolized the athletes more than the team, because things like city and state pride didn't register at the time. You just knew this guy is good, and you wanted to be associated with him.

    Thus we have Drake, a fan who so wants to be associated with LeBron James' and Julius Randles of the world that he completely loses sight of everything and ends up wandering the tunnel looking for auxiliary entrances into the team locker room. A Toronto native, his one true fanship lies with the Raptors, though he's not going to pack it in now that Kyle Lowry and company are out of the playoff picture. There are so many games to watch, and LeBron James is one of his best buddies, of course.

    Drake can't not support them/follow them to Privae should they win another championship. 

    Status: Bandwagoner.

Kendrick Lamar

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    Claimed Allegiance: Los Angeles Lakers.

    Kendrick Lamar was served a smoothie of a question during a joint ESPN interview with Chris Paul this January: "Clippers or Lakers?"

    Sitting next to the captain of the Clippers—who happens to be his good friend—Lamar stuck to his guns, despite having every reason in the world to bail on his farcical Lakers.

    "I ain't one of those dudes who jump on the bandwagon," Lamar said.

    And guess what? Paul appreciated it.

    "I respect that even more," Paul said. "You respect that loyalty."

    Status: True fan.


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    Claimed Allegiances: Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox. 

    Common keeps his rooting interests simple, sticking to his native Chicago roots. 

    He pals around at the NBA All-Star game and emceed the goofiest halftime competition in the history of the earth at the 2014 Final Four in Dallas, but he doesn't stray from the Windy City. 

    Status: True fan.

2 Chainz

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    Claimed Allegiances: Atlanta Hawks, Peyton Manning.

    Tity Boi—I mean 2 Chainz—is a College Park, Ga. native and a hardcore Hawks fan. As far as NFL teams go, I only know he's staunchly pro-Peyton. He loves him some Manning face. 

    Fun Fact: 2 Chainz's real name is Tauheed Epps, and he played Division I basketball for Alcorn State. Multiple Chaaainz was a 6'5" swing man! 

    Status: True fan.

Snoop Dogg

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    Claimed Alliances: Everyone, and no one. 

    Snoop Dogg gets a free pass. He's the Bill Murray of hip hop; he's down with anyone and everyone. Our rules and conventions don't apply to him. Snoop can touch MC Hammer.

    Status: The One and Only.

Puff Daddy

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    Claimed Allegiances: New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers.

    Diddy, Daddy, Doody—I don't give a hot, wet hell what Sean Combs is calling himself these days (I think he's completed the cycle and is back to Puff Daddy). 

    What we're talking about here today is Puffy's dual citizenship of misery with the Lakers and Knicks, which could very well turn into a menage if the Clippers come up on the auction block. I'd like to pull a hard line here and call him out on his bourgeois disregard for team boundaries, but Puffy is a mogul. He could pay me enough to root for John Calipari.

    Slide me a 50-foot Hatteras and I'll be knocking down doors defending the one-and-done philosophy. "They can die for their country and they can play in the big leagues!"

    Status: Above fanship. 


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