Miguel Angel Jimenez Marries Girlfriend Susanna Styblo While Dominating Tux Game

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Miguel Angel Jimenez Marries Girlfriend Susanna Styblo While Dominating Tux Game
Stanley Chou/Getty Images

The most interesting golfer in the world tried his hand at being the happiest groom in golf. 

CBS Sports' Kyle Porter reports the 50-year-old got hitched over the weekend, giving fans a brief glimpse at how to properly wear a fancy suit like a champ. 

Porter writes, "Miguel Angel Jimenez married his girlfriend Susanna Styblo at the Golf Academy Miguel Angel Jimenez in Torremolinos, Spain over the weekend."

Various social media outlets lend a snapshot view of the festivities: 

We like to think we have a proper handle on exactly how awesome Jimenez is, and then we find there is another layer, like peeling a very refined onion. 

There are the stretching exhibitions that captivate and beguile and the love of cigars that only seem to heighten the mystique. 

Finding out that Jimenez married at a golf course bearing his name is like finding out that there is a Santa Claus and he has a very expensive wine habit. 

The Daily Mail's Chris Cutmore has a bit more on the soiree:

And, fittingly for a man known as 'The Mechanic' for his devotion to flash motors, Jimenez's bride arrived at the ceremony in a stunning Rolls Royce. The happy couple later posed for a picture draped on the bonnet of the classic car. 

Jimenez boasts a huge collection of supercars in his garage, bought with winnings from 20 European Tour victories plus countless other stellar performances worldwide in a long and glittering career. He is still 32nd in the world golf rankings at the age of 50.

Now we couldn't quite track down any word from Jimenez or his Austrian bride, but the look he sports says it all. That is one happy groom, enjoying life as usual. 

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

A 2013 Rick Reilly ESPN article sums up Jimenez rather nicely: "Jimenez goes through life the way Kobayashi goes through hot dogs. He inhales it. He's been a high school dropout, a caddie, a soldier and a car mechanic. Now he's a millionaire. His swing is smooth, his life smoother."

For his part, Jimenez added his thoughts on enjoying life: "When you rush, you cannot enjoy the food, the wine, the cigars, no?"

So important things like marriage will be there when you want it, or so it goes for Jimenez. It's all about the here and now, something this golf star appreciates. 

We live vicariously through Jimenez, who is indulging in all the good stuff. However, he understands one important aspect that comes with all this luxury: It's important to savor as much as possible. 

He will continue being one of our most beloved athletes because he doesn't just make golf seem so enjoyable, it's because he does the same with every last portion of life as well. 

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