WWE Payback 2014: Stars Who Will Break out at PPV Event

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2014

WWE Payback 2014: Stars Who Will Break out at PPV Event

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    As the needle on the thermometer climbs as summer approaches, WWE will also look to turn up the heat with its upcoming Payback pay-per-view.

    Although it is not a marquee event of the WWE pay per-view schedule, it is nonetheless going to be an important event in 2014, as it will likely set the table for many of summer’s high-profile feuds.

    And while Superstars like John Cena, Daniel Bryan and the members of The Shield are currently the marquee workers on the talent roster, the door always remains open for other stars to break out and earn their place as a top guy in an ever-increasingly impressive pool of talent.

Cody Rhodes

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    Not too long ago, Rhodes was a bona fide world title contender.

    He had fire, he had the pedigree of a champion and he had the talent. He then formed a team with his half-brother, Goldust, and they enjoyed a decent amount of success as WWE Tag Team champions.

    But since losing those precious titles in January, the team has seemed to lack direction.

    In addition, the company has been teasing some type of turn for Rhodes for weeks now, and there is no better time for a shocking event than a pay-per-view.

    There is obvious dissension in The Brotherhood, with younger sibling Cody getting increasingly frustrated by the ongoing losing streak that both he and Goldust have been on. And if those losses continue to pile up, it stands to reason that the duo will no longer be a big part of the tag team title picture going forward.

    It is very likely that their last match match as a team could take place at Payback, where after yet another hard loss, Cody finally vents his frustration by lashing out at his older brother and cementing a future feud between the two.

    And that could be the catalyst that eventually launches Cody back to the upper echelon of the talent roster.


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    Saying that Cesaro is going to break out seems somewhat silly at this point, but until he has a world title around his waist, his potential still remains untapped.

    It took the company some time to realize it, but fans have begun to react very favorably to the King of Swing in recent months. Pairing him with Paul Heyman will help him, as promo skills are not exactly his strong suit, but that can be learned.

    Cesaro, a throwback to a time when wrestling skill was the main attraction, not flair, is one of the most polished mat technicians in the company. Although his style at times is methodical and simple, he still manages to captivate fans, and gain popularity, despite the fact that he is currently working with one of the most underhanded and scheming managers of all time.

    For his part, it stands to reason that Cesaro will eventually break away from Heyman and become one of the most popular and beloved Superstars in the company going forward.

    And don’t forget that Heyman also has another client—one who recently had something to do with ending a streak—who could be waiting in the wings to feud with the Swiss Superstar should he choose to let Heyman go.

    And that feud could take place sooner rather than later and be the true breakout moment for Cesaro.


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    Since defeating AJ Lee for the Divas title in shocking fashion, fans have been treated to nearly weekly shows of actual women’s wrestling courtesy of this young Brit.

    Having grown up in the business, Paige is certainly one of the most technically sound divas who brings a brutal yet refined style to the floundering division. It seems as if she sometimes invents moves on the fly, with devastating results for her opponents.

    Eventually, it seems as if AJ will return from her absence and try to reclaim her prize. And this could actually happen as soon as Payback.

    But in the meantime, expect Paige to consistently impress the WWE Universe with her innovative style, all the while earning the fans' respect and the respect of her fellow Divas.

Adam Rose

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    The WWE Universe is still fairly unfamiliar with this odd Superstar, but that will change going forward.

    Wrestling fans should expect Rose to make his first big impact at Payback, likely against Jack Swagger, whom he had a negative encounter with on Raw.

    And while it might seem that Swagger would wipe the mat with this showy newcomer, the opposite might actually be the case.

    Anyone who has seen Rose’s work in NXT knows that his carefree and goofy persona masks a calculating and brutal tactician who comes out once the bell rings.

    He might be fun to watch as he flounces around a wrestling ring, but once fans begin to see that his wrestling skills are actually incredibly impressive, Rose will likely climb the talent roster quite quickly.


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    Not too long ago, it seemed as if both Ryback and Curtis Axel were destined for big things.

    Even before becoming the charge of Paul Heyman, Ryback was a perpetual world title contender and had the look of a major star in the making. And for his part, as Intercontinental champion and a Paul Heyman guy, Axel seemed primed for huge things.

    Both since losing the tutelage of Heyman and fading out of the Tag Team title picture, it seemed as if the duo were heading for a spot very low on the proverbial totem pole.

    But in recent weeks, the team has put together a string of wins, both in singles and tag team competition, and is now in place to be one of the top contenders for the Tag Team titles, currently held by The Usos.

    And despite what could have been a crippling blow to their careers with the loss of Heyman, the WWE Universe may very soon see Rybaxel wearing a couple of shiny gold belts.