Dear Brett Favre: Throw in the Towel Already

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Dear Brett Favre: Throw in the Towel Already
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Please tell me that I am not the only one who is tired of hearing about Brett Favre working out at the local high school in Mississippi.

Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packer, not now, but for life.

I remember sitting on the couch watching my dad (and my) favorite coach Bill Parcells have no answer for No. four in the green jersey during Super Bowl XXXI.

His second pass of that same game went for a 54-yard touchdown to Andre Rison. Not to mention his 81-yard completion to Antonio Freeman in the second quarter.

Not only could Favre "sling it," he used his wheels too. Yes, a measly twelve yards, but he also scored a touchdown with his legs. Plain and simple, he could do it all!

Now, Favre's highlight real consists of his cut-off sleeved shirts, rolling out of the pocket and throwing to high school kids in front of media members and the local crowd.

Or if you didn't catch those highlight on SportsCenter, (nearly impossible) then you can find him on the Wrangler Jeans commercial saying that he "is comfortable in Wrangler Jeans".

Yea, he had a great start to the season with the J-E-T-S-JETS-JETS-JETS, but its not how you start, it is how you finish.

I think that Favre did not want to end his career on an interception thrown against my Giants in the NFC Championship game. That would have left him hurting for an eternity.

So, maybe to get back at the Giants he went to New Jersey "B" and kept his green workout gear and dumped his gold for a clean white t-shirt look.

Now what is he considering, the Purple People Eaters? The Minnesota Vikings? How would the Cheese Heads feel about that move?

It seems that with every move that Favre makes, his legacy gets a little more diminished with every snap he takes.

Keep in mind this is a 10-Pro Bowl Selection player, three-time first team all-pro, three-time second team all-pro, three-time league MVP, five-time NFC MVP, and Super Bowl Champion.

Not to mention, he has the most career passing touchdowns, passing yards, completions, attempts, interceptions (that one isn't good to have the most at), most career games with at least three touchdowns, and he has recorded a victory at the most NFL Stadiums.

Favre will turn 40 in October. The NFL is a league of men, but young, athletic, speedy men.

He is an iron man, with his most consecutive starts record, but those days are past him with all the shoulder surgery talk.

So what else is there to do for Favre?

Take the chinstrap off, slide the helmet off his head and hang up the jersey.

Unless, he wants to give Packer fans nightmares at least twice a year.

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