Is TNA Just a Modern Day WCW?

T johnsonCorrespondent IJune 23, 2009

What's good guys? I'm back once again, have been gone for about three weeks on vacations, but I'm glad to be back here on B/R.

Since 2001, a wrestling company by the name of Total Non-Stop Action, or TNA, has really become popluar within the mainstream over the last eight years.

Some of us here on B/R, and other wrestling fans I know, feel like TNA can give the WWE some very intense competition in about two or three years.

I am not one of those people.

This past Sunday, for the first time ever, I purchased a TNA pay-per-view called Slammiversary.

Now I can't say it was a bad as I expected, but it was pretty bad.

One part in particular stuck out at me, and it was the conclusion of the "King of the Mountain" match for the TNA World Title.

Samoa Joe (a top babyface) handed the TNA World Championship to Kurt Angle for him to hang above the ladder to become the new World Champion. A top babyface turning heel to join a top heel's alliance. Can you say deja vu?

This screams WCW all the way.  What is the point of making Samoa Joe, a top worker in TNA, now just another one of Kurt Angle's Main Event Mafia bitches.

I mean being a wrestling fan, I've seen many heel turns, but only in WCW have I seen the top babyface turn heel to join forces with the top heel.

Does Sting turning heel and joining forces with NWO ring a bell? Or does Bret Hart joining NWO ring a bell, or how about Hulk Hogan joining Hall and Nash to form the NWO back in 97'.

Give me a break!

Now let me say this for all of the TNA fans out there: Yes TNA has dramatically improved, but do you think TNA is going to be able to compete with WWE by doing all of the same things WCW did over a decade ago?

I can answer that question: NO! That did work back in the late nineties, as WCW Nitro beat WWE in the ratings 84 weeks in a row.

But it won't work today TNA. Hire about seven of us from B/R on to your creative team and see how much your ratings improve!

You have all of the talent in the world, with Taz coming in, Umaga, Ken Kennedy, and possibly Kizarny.

So all I ask is for you to give us something new. With the right booking, and the right Wrestling, and less bullshit gimmick matches, you can compete with WWE in no time.

So my question goes to you now B/R, will we see the same old boring second version of WCW in the near future, or will we see a new exciting TNA that can possibly bring excitement back to Professional Wresting (God knows WWE isn't).

Terrell Johnson, over and out.