English Gets Chance at Eastern Michigan

Doug BowmanContributor INovember 4, 2016

The University of Michigan was ranked No. 5 in the country just a few years ago.

Chad Henne, Mike Hart, and Mario Manningham dotted the field for the Wolverines. Ron English led the defense from his defensive coordinator position.

Then, this team lost to Appalachian State at home.

That day spelled the first turning point of Ron English's coaching career.

From then on, the Michigan program was shook. How could a program as storied as the Wolverines lose to an FCS Program? Certainly heads would fall.

Eventually, Lloyd Carr retired from his helm at the top of the Michigan football program. Rich Rodriguez was brought in to completely change the face, and with that, Ron English was shown the door.

He ended up at Louisville, which was going through just as tumultuous time as Michigan. Steve Kragthorpe had come in following Bobby Petrino and wobbled the Cardinal base even more. There was mediocrity setting in in Louisville and it still hasn't left.

Nonetheless, after the 2008 season, English's career seemed on the downside.

Once a hot shot, engaging, energetic young assistant destined for a job at the top of a program, English was now a linebacker coach at a program in the middle of the crossroads.

Then Eastern Michigan came calling, and with it, English's chance at restoring his image and jump-starting his career. A second turning point, if you will.

English has since taken over at Eastern Michigan, looking to build that program from next to nothing. He has the energy and the coaching ability, it's just a question of when.

Eastern Michigan will reach a point where they sink or float as a winning program, or a losing program.

A turning point. Number three for Ron English.