2009 Season: Top 5 Best NFL Defenses

Harish SriramContributor IApril 29, 2008

My list of projected "Best NFL Defense" in the leage next season:

5. Giants:

A defense that was able to defeat the illustrious New England Patriots...Sounds good to me.  They still have all their star-powered DEs. Strahan and Umenyiora strike fear into their enemies every play. They refilled their safety need after Gabril Wilson. Their CBs are now even more experienced after man handling Moss and Welker a few month ago. They lost Kiwika Mitchell,but they replaced him with Clark and now are good. They are set for a good season.


4. Ravens:

 If Ray Lewis can still hit hard, Reed can still be arguably one of the best safeties in the league, and McCalister can still be a great corner, they are set for a long time. They still have star players, and they dont have many bad players. To me that is a recipe for sucess, even if your offense cant do much.


3. Colts:

 I didn't understand why the Colt won so much until I watched their defense closely. They led the league last year with fewest points scored. Hm...so it isnt all their offense. Bob Sanders is also arguably the best safety. He pretty much ownes most running backs. He is the natural leader of the Colts defense. For Gods sake, he wears under-armor!!!(haha). He pretty much is the Colts secondary. To add to that, Freeney and Mathis constantly pressure the QB. Their LB core, though still not a power house, is slowly getting better. Look for them to just get better and better!


2. Bears:

You know what is scarey? A pissed off Urlacher. He is pissed with the past season's performance. When Urlacher didn't talk to the media, he was pissed. Now, think of a pissed off Urlacher who will be getting a bonus soon. Hm...Now we got a happy and pissed off Urlacher. That is a recipe for devestation. Da Monsters of Da Midway are coming back! Vasher isnt injured anymore. The Anderson trial is over. Mike Brown will be coming back as well. Harris will not have an injured knee anymore. And most of all, Briggs is happy. Last year he wasnt getting a stable future. Now he has one and has to live up to the money the Bears payed him. This defense will be Monster scarey next season.


1. Chargers:

 By far the most physical team in the NFL. They have arguably the most dominante pass rushing core in the NFL. Their entire D-line and LB cores are almost meant for this. Luis Castillo, Shawne Merriman, and many more. They have totally crushed opposing offenses before. I remember when Merriman went and actually punched the ball out of Titans RB Chris Henry. It was amazing. Also, Cromartie and Jammer lock down each side of the field. They are both excellent CBs. Cromatrie was a pleasant surprise. He picked off 10 passes last season. He also is fast enough to get some yards off of them as well. Simply put, the Chargers' Ssafeties are not stars, but they get the job done. They dont make huge plays, but they hit the reciever or running back hard when they have to. With all of this added up, the Chargers will have a dominating season and their defense will be the best in the league.