Oklahoma Still Has the Worst Uniform in Basketball

MR. MARKCorrespondent IJune 23, 2009

In all fairness, the Oklahoma Thunder deserve more credit than they receive.

The name, for one thing, is pretty spot on.

It fits the mold quite well, as Oklahoma certainly has an abundance of thunder. (Although the name has a big WNBA ring too it, and the "Oklahoma Tornadoes" would have been much better, by the way.)

Still, it was definitely better than the other potential names, such as the Oklahoma Marshalls, or the Oklahoma Wind, or—God forbid—the Oklahoma Energy (all names that were seriously considered).

And tell me if Kevin Durant is not the next big thing. He'll be a guaranteed star in the NBA for years to come.

Nevertheless, what on Earth were the Oklahoma Thunder brass thinking when they unveiled their franchise's new jersey?

Let's face it, the Thunder's uniforms are an utter disgrace.

Oklahoma should have just stuck with their own version of those generic Adidas practice jerseys that every team wears during practice.

We talkin' 'bout practice?

Actually no, we're talking about those disgusting jerseys that must have been inspired by Jackie Moon.

What is this, the second coming of the Detroit Pistons teal era?

No, Joe Dumars would immediately make lopsided trades to clear cap room for a new jersey. Meanwhile, Grant Hill would probably sustain a season-ending eye injury just from looking at the Thunder's attire.  

Ok, I guess they're really not that bad. The uniforms do have a pretty nice orange trim.

I guess that solid tone of blue is pretty nice too. And of course, no NBA team could go wrong with white, right?

It's not exactly the wisest thing to imitate another team's jersey, especially if that team only won 19 games during the 2008-2009 season.

I'm all for new jerseys in general, but I get a sense that the Oklahoma management simply slopped up those jerseys like how Tony Parker is slopping up Eva Longoria.

One could say that the Oklahoma Thunder went for the "simple and classic look," but those jerseys are just flat out boring.

The San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics have simple and classic jerseys. Not the Oklahoma Thunder.

Should Oklahoma City change their uniforms in the next five years?


Should the entire organization just restart and choose entirely new colors?


Am I a bitter Seattle Sonics fan, still hurting from the pain of a lost franchise?

You decide.