Beltran Joins Teammates on DL, But Mets Can Still Win NL East

Mike KentSenior Writer IJune 23, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 17:  Luis Castillo #1 of the New York Mets is mobbed by his teammates after his game winning infield walk off hit against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 17, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Carlos Beltran joins a big part of the team on the DL, and things are looking even worse for the Mets. He joins Putz, Wagner, Maine, Delgado, Perez, Maine, Pagan, and Reyes on the disabled list.

There is no team that has been put in as deep of a hole as the Mets. They have lost two potential All-Stars to the DL now that Beltran has joined the list.

The DL is a big reason for the Mets to wave the white flag, but Mets fans say no, and I think there is a great reason to agree with these Mets fans. The season is still pretty young, and things will start turning.

Here are four reasons why the Mets will get their chance to bounce back.

1. The Phillies are not looking great, and if things continue at this rate, the Mets will be about a game behind the Marlins by the time Beltran comes back. The Mets are better then the Marlins if they have Carlos Beltran in the lineup. The Marlins are a good team, but they are not as good as the Mets.

We know that the Phillies will get better, and Raul Ibanez will get off the Phillies DL some time in the future, but if the Phillies take more time to get hot, then the Mets will have a chance to take the lead in the NL East.

2. John Maine and Oliver Perez are coming back soon. Once they are back the Mets will have a better pen, as one starter will move to the bullpen. I think it would be a good idea to move Perez and Tim Redding to the bullpen, and let Fernando Nieve keep starting until he proves he can't pitch effectively (which I hope is never).

3. Johan Santana will get his groove back. He has not been very lucky in the last month, but we all know that he is the best pitcher in baseball. Johan is going to be the best ace in the NL, and is going to help the Mets get back to business.

4. This season there has always been one guy that has been all ups, and not many downs. David Wright has been hot all season long leading the NL in batting average. His power numbers have been down, but I think that if he can continue what he has been doing all season then the Mets will be fine.

It would be nice if the Phillies can continue to fall on their faces as the Mets start getting better. And even if the Phillies play okay baseball, the Mets are only a game-and-a-half out.

It’s hard to see all of these guys go down and your team start paying for it, but if the Mets can hang on, then they will have a great shot to win the NL East.

If David Wright and Johan Santana can pick up the team morale and guide them through the hard times, the Mets will be looking down at the rest of the NL East in the end of September.

So baseball fans, don’t forget about the Mets. The Mets are going to give the rest of the NL East a run for their money. The Wild Card is still open for the Mets too, as they are only one-and-a-half games out, and I don’t think the Giants are for real.

Ether the Cards or Brewers will win the Central, which means the other teams will be in the race for the Wild Card. The Cardinals are nothing without Albert Pujols, and if Pujols goes down then his team has no chance to make the playoffs.

You can’t say the same about the Mets, who have lost Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado, and are still very much in the race. The Mets are not depending on one player; the Cardinals are and this works to their disadvantage.

The Brewers have two men that hold up their team: Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Yes, they are great, and they did win the NL Wild Card last season, but I think that the Mets are better then the Brewers due to the veterans and home field advantage they will have in the New Citi Field.

It will be a long season for the Mets, but it may not be a bad one. I am not saying the Mets will win the NL East by ten games. It will be a race until the end, but I think the Mets will come out on top.

Don't forget, baseball fans, the season has only half began!