Top 10 MMA Fighters I Love To See Beat Down

Roberto BobertContributor IJune 23, 2009

STUDIO CITY, CA - MAY 19:  MMA fighters Jake Shields (L) and Nick Diaz attend CBS's 'Elite XC Saturday Night Fights' Press Conference at CBS Radford Studios on May 19, 2008 in Studio City, California.  (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

You've seen them on TV.  The morons of the MMA world.  The guys who give MMA a bad name.  They act like fools and generally make you wish you could actually fight well enough to give them a beat down.  Which I can't.  But I can still take a little satisfaction seeing someone else beat them down. 

None of this is based on their fighting ability, unless I note that in my comment.  Some of these guys are excellent fighters.  Doesn't take away from them being a loser.

Maybe the media attention to a lot of these guys has colored my perspective?  I know seeing them on The Ultimate Fighter and their behavior on the reality show colored some of my views.

These are the top 10 guys I enjoy seeing take a beating and my reasons I think so low of them.  Drum roll please.

  1. Tim Sylvia-- He lost to 48 year old Ray Mercer in 11 seconds.  He was a big goon before that, but can he ever be taken seriously again.  Ok, I don't really dislike Tim, but wow, 11 seconds, 48 years old, out cold.  Youtube it if you don't believe.
  2. Matt Hughes-- I used to love Matt Hughes, having been a wrestler myself.  Until TUF.  Then I saw how arrogant and overly zealous he is with his religion.  WTH?
  3. Michael Bisping-- Should have lost to Matt Hamil, but got the hometown cooking.  Calls his actions, "Mind Games", but he's just being a jerk.  If you can fight, then let that do your talking.
  4. Ken Shamrock-- If anyone could have come across as a bigger douche on TV, they would have to be on an MTV reality show.  He was disrespectful to everyone, didn't coach his team at all and was all about himself.  Then he got beat down by Tito, complained about it and wasted our time watching him get beat down again.  Maybe I should just pity him instead? Frank isn't too far removed from this list. I was cheering for Frank his last fight
  5. BJ Penn-- Does he have to disrespect every fighter he faces?  Does he have to keep the choke on after the ref ends the fight? Did he lose to GSP because of Vaseline?  Maybe he could get into Charm School with the Rock of Love chicks and learn some class. 
  6. Junie and Little brother Browning-- Who acts like that?  Did Dana have an affair in the South?  Why did that twerp get any chance at a contract?  What is with Dana and these rejectoids?  Do they remind him of himself in his early years?  Is this how the sport should get attention?  No way. 
  7. Chris Leben-- He pissed in another guys bed.  His daddy Dana gave him a free ride on TUF.  Other guys get kicked off the show for lesser things.  Not Step son Chrissy.  He's almost succeeded in the sport, in spite of his own behavior.
  8. All "Mexican" American fighters-- Dude, you are an American.  What is with these guys whose parents crossed the border to come to America and make a better life?  They flaunt the Mexican flag on their clothes, their mouthpieces their banners. If Mexico is that great, go South.  If the MMA becomes an Olympic Sport (And why shouldn't it) are you going to represent Mexico? 
  9. Diego Sanchez-- Yeah, the last paragraph refers to him too.  What is with this guy and God?  God likes you better so you get to thank him every fight?  Maybe God Liked Koschek better that day.  At least his last interview he sounded a little more intelligent. Maybe he took some speech classes.  (Hint to the Diaz brothers)
  10. Nick and Nate Diaz-- Maybe I should list them separately?  But they both get on my nerves for the same reasons.  They are stupid.  Take some public speaking classes.  Get with a Speech Therapist.  Learn English.  Sure Mike Tyson speaks like a moron too, oh wait, he is a moron too.  Try to act like an MMA fighter, not a gang banger from da hood.  I often wonder when we'll see the headline saying they got shot in a drive by. 

Just missing the final cut.  Sam Hoger, Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans, CB Dollaway, and all the mouthpieces thrown into the crowd (Yuck). 

I listed guys who still fight.  How much fun is it to see Kimo get beat down now?  He used to annoy me, now I just feel sorry for him.  Both Shamrocks are in that category too, but I still had to list Ken.

Here's my list.  Who makes your list?