Why Favre Would Make an Impact on The Vikings

Dave SmithCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 28:  Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets looks to pass against The Miami Dolphins during their game on December 28, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

People are all talking about how Favre is not going to do anything for the Vikes. They make up excuses, such as his arm will fall off or he's too old. Well I'm here to disagree.

Why? Because I know he's not going to do as bad as people say he will.

First off, Favre is not the only one on the field. He has an underrated receiving crew that's going to make a huge splash this season. This group is made up of Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin.



Berrian has been criticized his whole career for not reaching the 1,000-yard mark. Why hasn't he reached it? It's simple; he's never had anyone to throw to him.

For most of his career with the Bears, he had to work with quarterbacks like Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton. Orton's okay, but if you were to criticize him when he was on the Bears, look who he had throw to him!

Then he comes to Minnesota and finds out that next quarterbacks to throw to him are none other than Tavaris Jackson and Gus Ferrote. Who would really want to try to catch passes from these guys? Nobody. So for the past two seasons, Berrian was shy of reaching the 1,000-yard mark. 

Last season, Berrian showed everyone his play making ability. I'm sure everyone remembers him for his speed whenever he touched the ball or went for a pass.

I'm sure Vikings fans are satisfied with having a player like that on their team and I think Favre will to. Be ready for the possible long-bomb pass with these two!


Sidney Rice

This is going to be Rice's third year as a Viking. Now Rice needs to show the flashes of skill that he showed us in his rookie season. He was one of the best rookie receivers in his first season.

Last season, he was suffering from injuries so it was hard for him to bounce back and be the player he was.

So give him a chance. He is still young and showed great potential with his great hands and his height. Once again, look for the possibility of Favre throwing to him on third downs.


Percy Harvin

There are a lot of great things you could say about this guy. I'll start with he was the most dynamic player in the draft. He will be used in the slot, as another RB, and in different formations.

Next season, if you're watching a different game and the stats come on the bottom, you might see that he caught a 60-yard pass. But really, it'll most likely be a little five-yard slant that's turned into a 60-yard pass. 

So look for Harvin to be a possible Rookie of the Year candidate this upcoming season. You could also watch him take all the pressure off Favre when he just has to throw a simple pass to him. He'll boost Favre's confidence and the whole team's with his play-making ability.

If we didn't have Harvin on our team, there would basically be no point in writing this. But since he is, he's going to improve the whole team and help show that Favre still has more gas in the tank.

Now that's just our receiving crew. There's still more that'll help Favre. He is the league's leading rusher, the 2007 rookie of the year, the 2007 Pro bowl MVP, and the record holder for yards in a game.


Adrian Peterson

If you think that the receiving crew will do nothing, which is completely outrageous, then this guy will. One minute, Peterson's tearing up the defense and they're looking for another hand off. Next you know, there's a fake hand off, a long bomb down the field, followed by a touchdown.

So look for Adrian to keep the defense guessing and not put everyone on the line so opposing defenses could just dare us to make a pass. That's not going to happen anymore.

Now they won't know what to do and will have to guess every down. It will not be a very fun task for the defense and the offense will enjoy every second of it.

The next question is how the offensive line will handle the pressure. Last year, their only problem was right tackle. This season, there may be an issue when it comes to center.

Through the draft, they selected Phil Loadholt, who is a huge monster out of Oklahoma. He is a monster standing at 6'8".

You should look for Loadholt to slowly get used to everything and become your starter at right tackle by midseason. He will help a lot with the run and pass blocking. Just think how hard and how long it would take to get around him. You could expect him to be just like McKinnie, pass-blocking wise.

Now we look at the center position. Filling in for Birk will be a former Irish player by the name of John Sullivan. He was drafted in the sixth round and was a huge pick for the Vikings.

From what I heard, Sullivan has been impressive so far by the coaches from when he first came. No one has really seen a lot of him so it's hard to judge how he will do. 

From what the coaches say about him, I'm confident that he'll do very well for us. Even off the field, you can tell he is a great kid just from listening to him talk on the radio. So he'll always be there for us and you'll never be worried that this kid will get in trouble.

Now that's all the positions on offense that I've covered. There is still one thing though that I'm worried about; if Brad Childress will actually find a way to help this team with his play calling.

For the past couple of seasons as head coach, Vikings fans have seen a very boring offense and are ready to see something new.

This is definitely going to be Chlidress's last year if he continues the same approach he has used during his career with the Vikings. He is saying that he is working on plays for Harvin. If that's not the case, he's done.

That's all I'm worried about this year. But it isn't the coach who's playing in the game, it's the players. Unless Childress continues this way, I am 100 percent confident with this team.

So if you're not convinced about Favre helping the Vikings after reading this, all I ask is what else do they need to do? If you find a reason, then just tell me about it and I will be happy to get all of your comments.