Donald Trump's First and Last Episode of Monday Night Raw?

No BodyCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

Well Donald Trump's first, and apparently last, episode of Raw has come to an end—a great storyline that lasted all whole week. Trump did give us no commercials and a Last Man Standing match, though, so I'm not going to complain.

After a few flashbacks to what happened last week on Raw, John Cena came out and called out The Miz, showing us all how Miz has been insulting Cena without actually ever fighting him one on one. Miz eventually came out and Cena announced that it would be Miz vs Cena at the Bash.

On one hand, I'm glad that this match will, finally, happen. On the other hand, however, I'm almost positive the outcome will not be good for the Miz. I just can't see the WWE letting someone like the Miz beat someone as superhuman as Cena.

Smackdown got the first match here on Raw in the form of a Six Man Tag Team match. Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and The Great Khali beat Edge, Chris Jericho, and Dolph Ziggler after Jeff hit a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb on Ziggler. Punk also sat in on commentary.

As usual, Smackdown did not disappoint with this match. I found it very entertaining the entire time, and it included a couple good spots like Jeff diving over the ropes and Rey jumping off Khali's shoulders to all three of the heels below.

The second match of the night featured Primo Colon vs Cody Rhodes as a tune-up match for the Colons vs. Priceless match at The Bash. After going back and forth for a while, Rhodes got the pin by pulling Primo's tights.

The crowd didn't seem too enthusiastic about this match, and I would have to agree with their attitude. Hopefully, the tag match at The Bash will be better. I have a feeling it will, since—in my eyes—Carlito and Dibiase are better wrestlers than their respective partners.

The third match tonight was the Trump- initiated Last Man Standing match. Triple H and Orton went back and forth throughout the match, going into the crowd; battling on a, seemingly, unbreakable announcer table; and ending up on the entrance ramp. The match ended when Triple H hit a Pedigree and neither competitor could answer the ten count. Triple H had hurt his knee earlier in the match, so the Pedigree hurt him too.

This was a great match, in my opinion. At first I wasn't looking forward to it, since I thought Triple H would win for sure. I feel that ending the match where neither wrestler actually won is a good way to keep the rivalry alive, and for Orton to retain the title for longer than a week.

Trump, then, came out and announced, once again, that everyone in the arena would be getting their money back and that live Raw events would, from then on, be free and commercial free.

Of course, Vince was not happy about this, seeing as how it would make him go bankrupt fast. So, he comes out and agrees to buy back Raw for double what he sold it for, thus ending the long-lived Trump Era.

As it would be expected, Vince was in a bad mood after losing so much money, so he took it out on Randy Orton. Vince announced that, at The Bash, it would be Triple H vs. Orton in a Three Stages of Hell Match. The three matches are scheduled to be a regular match, a Falls Count Anywhere match, and a Stretcher Match. Not the most hellish matches around, but I guess the fact that it's basically supposed to be three matches in one is the hell part of it. I like both of these wrestlers so I'm looking forward to this match anyway.

The Raw Divas also participated in a three-on-three Tag Team match. Mickie James and the Bella Twins beat The Glamazon, Rosa, and Maryse when Mickie James pinned Rosa following a pretty impressive Super Kick.

This was an average Divas match in my opinion—no better or worse than most.

The main event for tonight was between two superstars who have fought each other time and time again: SuperCena and Big Show. As stale as this rivalry is, I actually enjoyed this match, and not just because Cena lost for once.

There were a number of reasons that these two wrestlers interested me for the first time in their rivalry. First of all, Cena actually locked in his STF(U) on Show, which made me wonder why he could suddenly do it now and had to try and convince us that the rope would work just as well at Extreme Rules.

The second reason is that Big Show performed another Spear in this match. I don't know about anyone else, but I really get a kick out of that. I hope he uses that more frequently. Finally, I like the fact that The Miz came in at the end to interfere and cost Cena the match. It was kind of predictable, but still enjoyable. Hopefully, this will get a Miz-Cena feud going and give the Miz a good push.

Raw ended with Triple H attacking Orton as he was leaving. Triple H promised to put Orton through hell at The Bash.

Thanks for reading, and as usual feedback is always appreciated.