Trick Shots That Are Legitimately Dangerous

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2014

Trick Shots That Are Legitimately Dangerous

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    It seems that every single person out there is trying to stake his claim as the most potent trick-shot artist on the Internet these days.

    And while the shots themselves are more awesome than the ones I usually take late on a weekend night, they can sometimes be just as dangerous.

    So take a look and appreciate these ridiculous trick shots—but you'd be best not to try them yourself.

Two-Man Golf Shot

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    Seeing how I seem to pull every single one of my golf shots, this driving range, two-man trick shot isn't just amazing, but it's also a little bit dangerous.

    While neither one of these bros is at serious risk of getting injured—I wouldn't think—there are a few things that could go wrong with this shot.

    I'll tell you this: It takes incredible precision to execute something like this—and I wouldn't be the guy in front, just for the fear of possibly getting decked in the back of the head by a shanked ball.

Bow and Arrow Shot

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    There isn't really anything tricky about this shot, but seeing how a guy is sacrificing his hand for one of his buddies to shoot an arrow at, it's dangerous as all hell.

    I'm all about proving my manhood if I really have to, but I'm not really into doing it just for a few YouTube views when the possibility is losing a hand.

    Props to these dudes for having bigger kahunas than me, though.

Dude Perfect's Reunion Tower Shot

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    OK, so it might not appear to be life threatening at first glance—although the height of the tower itself would probably freak me out—but popular Internet trick-shot takers Dude Perfect's Reunion Tower shot is no joke.

    Sure, there's probably no way in hell they made it on the first attempt, but seeing that the ball was traveling at mad speed and two guys had to move a hoop around for it to drop into, it was more than just a little risky.

Golf Spit Shot

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    After wearing braces for a couple years in middle school and withstanding numerous visits to the dentist, I'm a fan of having all of my teeth.

    That's why I would never even attempt this crazy shot that Gary Evans did.

    It's difficult enough to juggle a golf ball on the top of a driver, but when he catches the ball in his mouth and spits it out to drill, well, it's nuts.

    I can catch a Sour Patch Kid in my mouth, but a golf ball, no thanks.

Pool Shot out of Mouth

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    I'm really glad that my dad loves me.

    While I'm sure that this guy really does care for his son John, I'm questioning it a little bit seeing how he uses him as a prop in this pool trick shot.

    Sure, good ol' dad pulls it off the way he planned, but one little slip up, and, well, I just hope the kid's on the family health insurance.

Stilt Golf Shot

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    It's a good thing that this Brad Denton dude has good balance—otherwise, he could have ended up with a massive face plant.

    Standing on stilts is a tough task in and of itself. Doing it while trying to drive a golf ball off a tee has to be next to impossible—well, for most of us.

    But Denton proves that it's not too bad, pulling it off without hurting himself.

Pole Flip Shot

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    This kid's just showing off for the camera, now.

    Not only does he pull of one of the sickest trick shots I've ever seen by doing a flip off of a telephone pole, but promptly after sinking it, he gets fancy and does an additional flip to celebrate.

    Look, I'm no expert, but either one of those could have left him crying for his mama had he not landed them.

Sunnroof Trick Shot

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    So much for keeping two hands on the wheel, because this David Kalb guy just doesn't care about proper driving technique.

    Instead, he's focused on one thing—sinking a shot through his sunroof while driving.

    For all you backseat drivers out there, I'm sure this is something that would get your nerves going and your mind a bit uneasy—but Kalb puts them to rest by at least making the shot.

Through the Legs Trampoline Flip Shot

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    I mean, this shot is just amazing.

    Forget the fact that he gets the perfect amount of lift off the trampoline without busting an ankle, but then to both make the shot and land a ridiculous flip while shooting the ball backward just about blows my mind.

    The only thing that would make this even more dangerous is if he did it over a 10-foot gap.

Steve Markle

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    There aren't a lot of people who would count a flying pool ball among the many things to be scared of—but maybe they should.

    Seeing this trick shot by some dude named Steve Markle is dangerous in the sense that, well, if he doesn't hit everything just right, he could be missing some teeth, endure a massive headache or even end up with a couple sore balls himself.

Dude Perfect Football/Soccer Shot

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    Sure, there are other ones on this list that might appear to be more dangerous, but as a guy, what can be more frightening than seeing a ball tossed at your nuts?

    In my opinion, very few things.

    One little inch here or there while trying to squeeze this throw between his legs, and the guy would have taken a massive blow to his fellas down south.

Diving Board, Backflip

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    While this kid may have had the luxury of landing feet first into a pool to break his fall, that doesn't take away from the level of difficulty—and risk—it took to even attempt this shot.

    Dude could have slipped and cracked his head on the board, done a complete back/belly flop or busted his neck with an awkward landing into the water.

    Instead, he executed it perfectly by burying the shot and swimming away unharmed.

Gareth Maybin

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    Some of us might think we're good at golf, but what golfer Gareth Maybin does isn't exactly golf. It's more of an And1-style mixtape of ridiculous skills.

    Going from difficult to insane, Maybin not only hits a couple shots in on a pool table that should make all of our jaws drop but then gets his buddies—and their lives—involved.

    I wouldn't recommend trying any of this on your own.

Kirsten Joy Weiss Trick Shot

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    I have no idea who this Kirsten Joy Weiss girl is, but I'll tell you what, she's pretty damn dope.

    Not only does she have a keen eye and steady hand, but she proves to be quite the daredevil by riding on back of a speeding motorcycle to shoot balloons on the side of the road.

    It's wild enough to ride a motorcycle, let alone shoot a gun while on the back of one.

John Daly

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    Anyone who has followed the career of PGA golfer John Daly usually thinks that the guy is a little left of center—not with his drives, of course.

    Daly took the crazy to a whole new level with this trick shot, though, as he teed it up from a woman's mouth and drove the ball some 300-plus yards.

    Think of all those broken tees you often have, and then think about how impossible this shot was.