RIP: Special Edition—My Friend Andrew Thomas

GregCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

This is not meant to be a well written article. I'm not trying to get people to notice my writing skills. If you have a problem with how it is written, I don't care.

Last Thursday, my friend Andrew Thomas took his own life. He was always a close friend of mine, from elementary school to high school. I don't know what made him do what he did, although I've heard the rumors.

I'm just writing this as a way of saying I'm gonna miss you man. (The reason that I have a picture of Kevin Hart above is because we always said that he looked like him.)

I met Andrew in third grade, I believe. We were going to play rec. football and we were on the same team. We were the Raiders and we went undefeated that year. He was hyper, and I honestly thought he was insane. But he had that thing that made it impossible to hate him.

We hung out a lot up to sixth grade. When we went to middle school, he went to North Augusta Middle School and I went to Paul Knox. We saw each other during the football season in sixth grade, but I didn't see him until the next year. We hung out more as we got more freedom.

I went to North Augusta High School, and I didn't see Andrew. I asked where he was, and I learned he got held back. That year we talked sports, and I went to his middle school games and he went to my high school games. We kind of separated a bit until this past year.

This past school year, I was a sophomore and he was a freshman. We both played on the Football team, and had a few of the same classes. Everyone started saying how he looked like Kevin Hart, and he did a few impressions to make it even better.

Also, I learned Andrew liked wrestling too. (Not real. I mean like WWE and TNA.) He would go around trying to find someone who he thought looked weak and would give them the "Andrew Lock Challenge", as I called it. He even applied it to me, and he "won" once. He talked a lot, but we all took it, just because it was fun to mess with him.

Last Thursday he committed suicide after learning he had failed ninth grade. I learned Friday at Waffle House. I heard some rumors, that it was because he couldn't play football... because he'd have to leave the town and go live with his family (he was with his sister at the time).

The whole weekend me and another player called the whole team, and a few other people, about his passing. There is nothing harder than telling 85 people that their friend has done that.

Today at practice, we spent the day talking to one of the pastors, Marc Owen, and the coach's wife, who is also a counselor. Not many of us actually knew what to say. If you can believe it, one of them said that they didn't even care. The nerve of some people...

Like I said, I don't care if the writing is bad on this one. All I care about is writing about my friend and keeping his memory alive. RIP A. T. I'll see you up there when my time comes.

This has been a Bushboy Inc. Production, in association with Andrew Lock Challenges