Randy Shannon: Give Him Two More Years at Miami

Will CaneCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

DURHAM, NC - OCTOBER 18:  Head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes watches his players during the game against the Duke Blue Devils at Wallace Wade Stadium on October 18, 2008 in Durham, North Carolina.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Randy Shannon has been head coach at the University of Miami for the past two seasons. In that time, the canes have gone 12-13. Not exactly what fans had in mind when he took over.

What most people had failed to realize up until draft day this year, was that the Canes were rotting from the inside out. When no players were drafted in the first round, the nation finally realized that Miami's demise had been in progress for a few years. Much-hyped recruits did not live up to or were not coached up to their potential. Recruiting was not being taken seriously and coaches were very unselective in their choices.

Coaches and players alike thought the ''U'' on the helmet meant the game was already won—no effort needed. The end result was evident on the field. The losses piled up and it was clear the inmates were running the asylum.

The old regime was gone and Shannon took over. Immediately, Cane fans were stoked about the new coach. He stripped the names off the jerseys, preaching nobody was bigger than the team. He implemented many new rules—nobody could own a gun, underclassmen must live on campus, and tardiness to class meant game suspensions.

Hopes were high as the 2007 season kicked off.  An experienced offense that would move the ball and a defense with first round talent. Also, a schedule in place that would showcase that the Canes was back!

What he got was poor quarterback play (the worst I can remember in 25 years of watching the canes) and a team that quit on Shannon and each other halfway home. No bowl game and the worst beating any Cane team took at home—ever.

2008, a top recruiting class, two new quarterbacks, and loads of true freshmen talent. A better overall season with a bowl appearance but questions still remained about his coaching ability.

People, let's be real. This is Shannon's first head coaching gig, ever. He is getting on the job training and its driving Cane fans nuts. We are used to being national title contenders every fall, not a middle to lower tier ACC team.

It has been a slap in the face and reality hurts. But this is where the mighty have fallen, a college football afterthought. The program that we all remember is gone. Larry Coker destroyed it, period.

Shannon will make mistakes, it will drive us crazy, and the rumblings calling for his head will grow louder and louder. But please, Cane fans, bare with him.

The man is a tireless recruiter and he installs discipline in the young men he coaches. Nobody has more of a hold on the city of Miami or Broward and Dade counties (hot bed of talent). If given at least the two remaining years on his contract the win total will reach ten games. Miami will compete for the ACC and if given the time a national championship.

Patience Canes, patience. Dead weight coaches have been let go, players who don't want to be part of the rebuilding are leaving. Stick around, something special is going to happen. It just needs more time.