NBA and NHL Season Recap

Kyle GibbsContributor IJune 22, 2009

DETROIT - JUNE 12: Petr Sykora #17 of the Pittsburgh Penguins holds the Stanley Cup following the Penguins victory over the Detroit Red Wings in Game Seven of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena on June 12, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

What a great year for the NHL and NBA this year. It was a mix of great competitors and very impressive battles.

NHL has been needing a big year since the offseason four years ago and this season was nothing short of amazing. The regular season was an intense battle separating many teams by just a couple games deciding who was in the postseason and who wasn't.

The NHL playoffs we're a free-for-all as we watched great series take place. We saw upsets such as Chicago making it to the Western Conference Finals, Carolina over Boston, and Anaheim knocking out the President Trophy Winner, the San Jose Sharks, in the first round.

We saw classic matchups such as Crosby vs Ovechkin and a Red Wings-Penguins Stanley Cup Finals rematch.

To see the season end with a Finals rematch, nothing could be better, it was one of the highest rated NHL game of all time. I believe that game and the whole postseason may have put the NHL back in the talk of being a major American sport again.

This year I'm upset for Hockey to end and can't wait for next year to start. Where hopefully my Red Wings will bring back the cup to Hockeytown.

Onto the NBA. The regular season was very good and well played.

For the most part the big name stars stayed healthy, other than Garnett and McGrady. Not to many transaction but the biggest trade had to be the Iverson and Billups trade.

Iverson was a sell-out going to Detroit, a franchise that has went to six straight Eastern Conference Finals. But A.I. helped the Pistons to a losing season and a quick outing in the first round of playoffs, but he was injured a big part of the season.

Billups went to Denver, a team with one of the growing stars in the league, Carmello Anthony. Billups and the Nuggets had a great season earning the second seed in the playoffs and making to the Western Conference finals on a great postseason run. (Making it Billups seventh consecutive Conference Final.)

With this team improving and with the play of Billups this team is defiantly a contender coming into next season.

The Playoffs went as planned, the Conference Finals match-ups we're a 1 vs 3 on the Eastern side and a 1 vs 2 on the Western side. The first surprise that happened was the Orland Magic knocked out the Cleveland Cavilers in game 6 to move onto the Championship against the Lakers (Where if they could hit free throws they could have been the champions, instead of the LA).

Overall great-entertaining season in the NBA.

So now some teams that will be contenders this upcoming season.

Detroit - If they can stay young and healthy, use their experience
Chicago - Very young and ready to prove a lot
Pittsburgh - Maybe greatest all round team
Boston - Tough and Physical
Carolina - If they can prepare and condition better, they have a chance to surprise

Cleveland - LeBron James (PERIOD)
LA Lakers - Great All round team
Orlando - Still inexperience but learned a lot this year and will be better
Denver - Billups, Anthony, and Smith. Great team in the making
Houston - If stars McGrady and Yao Ming can stay healthy, it's a no brainier

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