Papelbon's peeved about Yankee rumors

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009
Someone that you don't want to mess with on the Boston Red Sox besides Josh Beckett is Jonathan Papelbon, but someone out there just had to push his buttons.

There have been rumors flying recently about Paps wanting to leave after his contract expires and go pitch for the New York Yankees and from the "sound" of this press meeting today around his locker in the Sox clubhouse, he isn't too happy about the reports.

"I don't want to go (expletive) play for the Yankees," he said. "I've been on a team for the past five years that's been in first place more than any other (expletive) team otherwise. Why would I want to leave?"

Who can blame him especially if it's plain not true?

"For me, I want to go to a place where I'm happy," he said. "For me, the only thing that's important is that, A - it's like a family and B - I have manager and a GM that's going to protect me, and I know that here."

However at the bottom of the post the blogger wrote this one-liner as a kicker...

In an interview on Sirius XM radio yesterday, Papelbon said that "not only the Bronx, but everywhere is a possibility" for him to play when his contract expires.

Did the blogger just dish it to Papelbon? I'm not sure who looks like the bigger [fill in the blank] right now.

Here's a collection of blogs that the "rumors" have been reported on just to name a few:

Keeping you posted folks.