Lefty Blows Yet Another Major Again Today

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIJune 22, 2009

16 Jul 1998:  Phil Mickleson of the USA plays from the deep rough during the 1998 British Open held at Royal Birkdale, Southport, Merseyside, England. \ Mandatory Credit: David Cannon /Allsport

Is Phil Mickleson one of the biggest chokers in sports today?


Harsh question I know, but before Tiger, Phil Mickleson was one of the biggest stars in golf and the biggest hope for American golf.


We have seen this movie before.  Mickleson makes a run at a major only to lose in the end. He did it at the Masters this year. He and Tiger both made a charge, only to lose in the end.


You probably saying to yourself “Well you just said Tiger and Phil both made charges and both lost.” True. But Tiger has won 14 majors and probably will win number 15 soon. Problem is Phil has had so many chances to prove he is Tiger’s equal and just can’t seem to do it.


Now, people will use his wife’s illness for why he didn’t play well at the end, but that’s not legit.  If he wasn’t going to play well, it would have been in the early rounds. He just chokes. Period.


He either makes a bad club choice or misses the green completely or just can’t make a put. He missed a few puts for birdie today that would have put him in a good position to win. But for whatever reason, Phil Mickleson does not play well under pressure.


I know that the whole country was pulling for old Lefty to pull out it out and give us a great story for this year, but he let us down again. And if you think he’ll make a come back in the British, first of all he’ll be with his wife who is having cancer surgery and even if she had a clean bill of health, it wouldn’t matter anyway because Mickleson never plays well in the British Open.


In fact if it wasn’t for Tiger, would American golf even be popular today? Really, besides Tiger and Phil, name another great American golfer right now behind them?


The sad part about all of this is Mickleson is a likable guy. You even like and respect him more because he was willing to leave the tour to take care of his ailing wife. You want to see him do well.


Now, I’m not saying he is a bad golfer, but you see the potential continue to go to waste because of his mental game. What makes Tiger great is not just his physical game, but his mental game as well. Tiger was on ONE leg last year when he won the U.S. Open. That’s called mental toughness.


Missing a three foot put for birdie on 15 is called choking and that’s what Phil Mickleson did today.