6 Players Who Will Be Excluded from Mexico World Cup Squad

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistApril 27, 2014

6 Players Who Will Be Excluded from Mexico World Cup Squad

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    Eduardo Verdugo

    Miguel Herrera is running out of time to make up his mind and pick the best crop of players to represent Mexico in this summer's World Cup.

    Although Herrera won't hand his 23-man list to FIFA until June 2, just 10 days before the inaugural match, there already are some players who clearly should not be on the team.

    There are two reasons for that: The performance with their clubs has not been great, or they didn't take advantage of the opportunities they received with the national team.

    Let's find out who they are.

Moises Munoz

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    Dario Lopez-Mills

    Moises Munoz, the Club America goalkeeper, is fighting for a place in the squad with Alfredo Talavera.

    Although Herrera trusts him, Munoz is not at his best right now. His club has struggled since Herrera's departure.

    With El Tri, he received two goals in the friendly clash against the United States and has yet to improve in the aerial game, especially in set pieces. Sometimes he loses perspective inside the box, and when pressured by the rivals, he gets clumsy.

    Talavera has proven to be far more secure in that department, plus he has played in official tournaments, like the Gold Cup.

    Munoz's lack of experience in big events should be what tips the scale to the Toluca keeper’s side.

Juan Carlos Valenzuela

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Herrera's 5-3-2 system requires a big pack of defenders on the bench, however Juan Carlos Valenzuela should not be on the list.

    His performance with Club America has declined considerably this season, and coach Antonio Mohamed put him on the bench for four consecutive matchdays.

    Valenzuela makes childish mistakes, the most often is losing the mark and giving rivals clear goal opportunities.

    Perhaps that is why El Topo has been capped three times this year but has only played once, against the United States, a match in which he struggled on a regular basis. His lack of form and shaky mentality are the biggest concerns.

Francisco Rodriguez

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    Francisco Rodriguez's golden days are over—period. He was a fantastic player five years ago, but now, it hurts to see him play.

    El Maza used to be a fast, strong and tough defender with a fantastic touch; he even wore El Tri's captain armband.

    But his experience is not enough anymore. With Hector Moreno at his best and Rafael Marquez back to his old self, Rodriguez looks terrible whenever he plays alongside them.

    Herrera needs quicker defenders because Brazil's, Cameroon's and Croatia's attack are flexible and powerful. Plus, Mexico plays with one central midfielder, and if he is surpassed, it leaves all the work to the defenders.

Jesus Zavala

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    It is clear that Herrera is still looking another central midfielder. Juan Carlos Medina had some issues against Nigeria, so the coach capped Jesus Zavala for the United States clash.

    The results were far from impressive. The Monterrey midfielder failed to figure out the pace and the speed needed to become the link with the forwards. His technique was overshadowed constantly.

    With Monterrey, Zavala is usually a cornerstone of the team, but when he plays for Mexico, he doesn't become a changing factor.

    Hector Herrera will be a fantastic addition to the center of the pitch, especially with his recent form with Porto, leaving Zavala out of the picture.

Jose Juan Vazquez

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    Currently playing for Leon, Jose Juan Vazquez became a thriving force for his club in the 2014 Clausura tournament and was quickly summoned by Miguel Herrera.

    Vazquez has a fine touch and vision to link with the attacking zone; however, his lack of experience was evident in the game against South Korea earlier this year.

    He lost the ball constantly and couldn't keep up with the responsibility of being the sole central midfielder.

    El Gallito is not mature enough, and if the Taeguk Warriors' B-team overpowered him, then any beacon of hope is lost when you think of Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon.

Javier Aquino

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    Fernando Vergara

    Javier Aquino will be the only European-based Mexican player who will miss the World Cup.

    Inexplicably, Aquino has never been a player to follow with El Tri and has been constantly surpassed by rivals.

    He used to be a game changer for the U-23 squad that won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, but as soon as he appeared with the senior team, he lost his touch.

    His unbalancing moves and dribbling skills are put in second level, because physically, he is smaller than the rivals' defenders.

    Plus, Luis Montes has become a fantastic right midfielder, and Hector Herrera can also take over that side of the pitch.