Neymar Exclusive: Brazil Star Talks World Cup, Barcelona and His Football Heroes

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalApril 25, 2014


It's not everyday you talk on Skype with a football superstar, but that's what unfolded on Friday when I had the chance to talk to Barcelona and Brazil prodigy Neymar.

Here's the video recording of our chat, which was aided by a translator sitting beside Neymar in Barcelona.

And here's the full transcript.

Bleacher Report: Neymar, hi and welcome to Bleacher Report. How's life in Barcelona? Are you enjoying it and have you adjusted fully?

Neymar: I really like living here. It's a marvelous city and very similar to Brazil. It's very easy to adapt here.


B/R: How have you found the football different? Is the style of play different?

Neymar: Yeah it's totally different from Brazilian football. I got used to this kind of game when I played here (in Europe) for the national team. I really learned how Europeans play.


B/R: Have you been surprised at how big the name "Neymar" is? Are people constantly coming up to you in the streets?

Neymar: I'm not surprised (that people know me). I don't care what people think about me. I'm a chilled-out person who is totally relaxed.

Emilio Morenatti


B/R: It must very exciting for the World Cup to be in Brazil. What can people expect this summer?

NeymarI think we are going to have a great show...especially with the supporters and fans. We (Brazil) have a very important weapon in our hands—the supporters. They will help us along.


B/R: What music have you picked up in Spain that you've liked?

Neymar: I listen to limbo, which is Spanish music (laughs).


B/R: You like to try things on the field. Are you always trying to learn and develop new tricks? Do you get coached, or come up with them on your own?

Neymar: Yes, we are always learning things, especially with this team at Barcelona.


B/R: What's your dream goal?

Neymar: I want to win the World Cup. That's what I want to win. That's my dream.

Fernando Vergara


B/R: When you were a kid, who were the players you aspired to?

Neymar: Robinho, because he played at Santos. Ronaldinho, Messi—they are the ones.


B/R: Thanks Neymar, it's been a pleasure.

Neymar: Bye! You too.


Neymar spoke to B/R in promotion of Castrol Footkhana (clip above), which pits the global football star against rally icon and Gymkhana king Ken Block in a unique challenge.