First Aggression, Then Calm

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi took a single and raised his arms in triumph. He had guided Pakistan to an eight-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the T20 World Cup final at Lord's.


Who cared if the last run was a leg-bye, it was Pakistan who emerged victorious. It was Pakistan's first triumph after the 1992 World Cup. Let us read the recap of the match.


It was a fine Sunday afternoon and everyone was glued to their television. It was the final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Yes it was the T20 World Cup final.



Pakistan's Aggressive Bowling Attack 


Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat, the openers then had a little chat. Sri Lanka were then off to a shake start, and Aamir got Dilshan out like a dart. Just after that Razzaq got Mubarak out, and the spectators gave a huge shout.


The Lankans were 2/2 (2 for 2), and they didn't know what to do. Soon Jayasuriya and Jayawardene lost their wickets and the Lankan supporters thought that they had wasted their money on the match tickets.


The Sri Lankans reached a poor score, it was nothing but 32/4(32 for 4). Then Udana and Silva fell to Afridi and Gul, and the stadium was no longer full. Then Kumar Sangakkara played a captain's knock, and the Pakistanis got a slight shock. Finally the innings ended at a score of 138, due to the great innings by Sangakkara and his teammate.


Pakistan were given a target of 139, and they knew they had to shine.



Pakistan's Calm Batting


The innings was off a steady start, but soon the openers fell apart. Then Afridi came in to bat, and the and his team mates stood up from where they sat. His start was a bit slow, but then the Lankan's received a big blow.


Afridi and Malik put up 76, and it was time for the final kicks. The Sri Lankans had lost the match, due to the great partnership by this batch. Pakistan reached their target score, thanks to Afridi's 40 ball 54.


Shahid Afridi did shine, and proudly said that "the Man of the Match is mine."