Bound for the Association?: UNC Basketball Draft Class

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IApril 29, 2008

The best college basketball player from a year ago, Tyler Hansbrough, has already announced that he will return to the Tar Heel sidelines.  However, what will the other three Tar Heels who have decided to "test the waters" ultimately do?  I'll break down each one of the players: Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson, and Danny Green, and therefore come to a conclusion which of these players should head straight to the league.


PG Ty Lawson: This kid is one of the fastest with the basketball in the entire country.  However, his sophomore season was masked somewhat by an injury suffered mid/late in the season.  Although Lawson had spurts in the ACC and NCAA Tournaments where he returned his early season splendor, he was just never the same floor general.

Positives: Speed, decision making skills, defensive intensity

Negatives: Shooting ability, size, injuries

Conclusion: Go back to Chapel Hill and have a great junior campaign! 

SG Wayne Ellington: At 6'4, 209 pounds, Ellington has the body to play in the league sooner or later, without a doubt.  He had an excellent season, averaging around 17 points per game.  Ellington showed the consistency game in and game out that will do him well in the pros.  Ellington, along with fellow draft member Green attempted valiantly to bring the Heels back in the Final Four by sinking a plethora of jumpers and runners.

Positives: Size, shooting, ball handling, defense

Negative: Can be selfish at times, rebounding (4.5 rpg), passing (2 apg)

Conclusion: Ellington's stock is pretty high, I think he should stay in the draft.

SF Danny Green: This guy is a real tween-er.  Sometimes he played shooting guard, sometimes small forward, and hell, sometimes he guarded a 6'10" opponent.  Green, an incredibly versatile sixth man, carries a soft shooting touch and a tough mentality to boot.  Green was an instant scorer the moment Roy Williams put him in the lineup, compiling a 11.5 ppg average in just 22 minutes of action per game.

Positives: Great outside jumper, tough moves to the rim, good attitude

Negatives: Needs to develop more as a guard defensively, rebounding (4.9 ppg)

Conclusion: Green has a huge upside if he stays one more year, especially because he will start.  I think he should come back, and oh boy, would he help the Tar Heels!