Portland Trail Blazers: Can they "Uprise" on Draft Day?

Christina FreemanCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

The Portland Trail Blazers are coming off of a truly amazing season, after battling it out with the Houston Rockets in the playoffs. 


This draft will prove to be pivotal in their success in the upcoming season. The Blazers will be working with a solid salary cap, so they should be able to scoop up a couple quality players or trade for what they need.


The Blazers are in need of some help when it comes to the point guard position. Fans could see the franchise add Ty Lawson or trade up for Stephen Curry. Sergio Rodriguez didn’t quite play to the caliber that was expected or needed from him last season, in the few minutes that he did see off of the bench.


Jaryd Bayless, who I am a huge fan of since he is from my old school, the University of Arizona, is a truly great player. He thrived under Lute Olson and should do the same at the Rose Garden. I wouldn’t pass on him yet. He should be seeing more playing time. Although, he seems more like a shooting guard than a point guard.  


Nate McMillan could be looking for more leadership and experience at the point guard position and may go for a veteran. Andre Miller could be a good choice for the team. Since it is such a young team, an older, more seasoned player may be just what they need to direct the team on the court.


There seems to be an abundance of shooting guards on the squad. I wouldn’t be surprised if some were traded. Travis Outlaw could be a viable player to be kept or traded. If traded, he could be swapped for more then one quality player.


At the post position, former North Carolina star, Tyler Hansbrough, has been seen at Portland practices recently. He is a workhorse and would be an attribute for the Blazers' arsenal.  


McMillan doesn’t really need, nor does he tend to like younger players, so the Blazers will be an interesting team to watch this coming draft day. I have a sneaky suspicion that this day will hold many new beginning for the Blazers. I hope that they can gain the type of quality players they need to help the team grow so that they can return to the playoffs once again.


I would like to see the core starters from last season stick together. If they can grow together, they have a great chance to become a dangerous playoff team.