The Funniest 'Fights' in Sports History

Hunter Harrison@@MrJohnnyUtahContributor IApril 24, 2014

The Funniest 'Fights' in Sports History

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    Fights in sports are inevitable. Put ultra-competitive athletes in high-stakes situations and sparks are bound to fly. This can be exhilarating. Nothing gets the crowd fired up like a hockey fight, and a bench-clearing brawl can change the momentum of a game.

    Things don't always go as planned, however. These instances often produce the most memorable results.

    Mascots, coaches and septuagenarians all get in on the action in this list. Even mommy dearest can't resist joining in on the fun.

    So put down your dukes, and get ready to laugh. These are the funniest fights in sports.



My Bad Ron

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    Tyler Hansbrough is called "Psycho T" for good reason. He doesn't need much to get riled up.

    A hard foul in a preseason game against the Knicks had Hansbrough feeling frisky, but not for long. Hansbrough turned slowly to face the recipient of his wrath. There he stood face to face with true crazy, Metta World Peace. Hansbrough made the wise decision to apologize profusely.

    He may be psycho, but it is good to know he isn't completely insane.

Mascot Melee

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    The Oregon Duck mascot was suspended for one game for his Ace Ventura impression against the Houston Cougar.

    The Duck didn't appreciate being taunted and went off on the Houston mascot. His antics have made this the most popular mascot fight video of all time and have likely given a bunch of children nightmares.

Shall We Dance?

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    When Luis Fabiano and Carlos Diogo squared off in a Spanish Football Federation match, it looked more like a So You Think You Can Dance audition than a fight.  They had great arm movement, but both were a little stiff in the hips.

    The tango resulted in a five-game suspension for both players.

Mama Said Knock You Out

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    What's worse, getting knocked out, or having your mom come to your rescue? Tony Wilson would likely say the latter after this incident.

    Steve McCarthy was about to finish Wilson off when Wilson's mother jumped in the ring. McCarthy refused to continue after being cut by Mrs. Wilson's shoe.

    The fight was stopped for a while, but Wilson was actually ruled the winner when McCarthy never returned. Moms are the best.

Lost in Translation

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    Tony Batista's circuitous route to first base sent Japanese pitcher Masanori Ishikawa running for his life. He probably should have just kept running to the locker room to get a change of pants.

    Ishikawa might never live this moment down, but better safe than sorry.

Don't Call Me 'Chris'

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    Jim Rome is known for pushing people's buttons. Sometimes they push back.

    Jim Everett did not like being called "Chris." He had his Jules Winnfield moment and challenged Rome to say "Chris" one more time. Rome, of course, couldn't resist.

    Everett, the former quarterback, turned the tables and put Rome on his back. It was the only sack of his career.

Batter Up, Catcher Down

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    It's the age-old problem all batters face after being hit by a pitch. They want to rush the mound, but that pesky catcher is just going to grab them from behind.

    Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, "Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." Izzy Alcantara took the opposite approach and just kicked the catcher in the facemask.

    Alcantara received a six-game suspension for starting the brawl.

Old-Man Strength

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    Nolan Ryan has no use for dinner and aluminum poles. He skipped straight to the airing of grievances and feats of strength and became a hero to middle-aged men everywhere.

    Ryan was 46 years old. Robin Ventura was 20 years his junior. Their 1993 fight is one of the most memorable of all time.

    Ventura had a great career, but he is most known for his ill-fated trip to the mound that night.

Holding a Grudge

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    Remember the bad blood between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree? Imagine if they were still going at it in 2062.

    Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp faced off in the 1963 Grey Cup, and they still haven't buried the hatchet.

    An event for Grey Cup Week 2011 ended with the two coming to blows. At one point, Kapp appeared to offer Mosca flowers as some sort of olive branch. When Mosca refused, that olive branch was quickly shoved in his face. That's when the canes and wrinkled fists started to fly.

Along for the Ride

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    Knicks forward Chris Mills said Jeff Van Gundy looked "like a jockey that fell off his horse and held on for dear life." The horse was 6'10" Alonzo Mourning. It looked like Van Gundy came up about three seconds short of a qualifying ride.

    There aren't many coaches that would have run into the middle of a fight between Mourning and Larry Johnson. After watching Van Gundy being treated like a human mop, it's hard to blame them.

Shake and Bake

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    Michael Simko channeled his inner Ricky Bobby at an ARCA race in 2006.

    Simko was angry after a battle for position with Don St. Denis ended in a wreck. As we all know, it isn't healthy to keep emotions bottled up. Simko expressed his feelings to St. Denis with a flying two-footed kick through the driver's side window.

    The two drivers then hugged and made up. Just kidding, they threw helmets and punched each other.