Formula One: Quotes of Silverstone

Mike CassCorrespondent IJune 21, 2009

NORTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 21:  Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Red Bull Racing talks with television presenter Kai Ebel on the grid before the start of the British Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone on June 21, 2009 in Northampton, England.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular feature of selecting the best quotes of the race weekend, come the end of the season I'll pick my favourite 10.


Normally I would cover the build up to the race weekend, but most of the discussion has been about FOTA vs the FIA and I don't want to get into that.


So I'll just focus on the quotes from Saturday and Sunday, and use some of the BBC's offerings to fill!


BBC Coverage


Once again the partnership (or should that be rivalry?) between BBC pundits David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan continued to blossom.


The BBC coverage opened with Jake Humphrey and Eddie Jordan taking a hot air balloon trip over the Silverstone track, that caused David Coulthard to come out with, “I was actually impressed you still had the burner going, I thought you [Eddie Jordan] would have filled it with the hot air!”


Martin Brundle continues to give great insight from the commentary box, and when Lewis Hamilton nearly lost the car in Q1 he came out with this gem, “He'll be on the radio asking for fresh underwear in the middle of Becketts, with the car trying to get away from him.”


David Coulthard added after the session, “He [Lewis Hmailton] may have himself a dog of a car, but his consolation prize is he still got himself a Pussycat doll.”




In the dying moments of Q3 Mark Webber felt he had be 'distracted' by Kimi Raikkonen, and made sure that no one was in doubt with how he felt about the incident.


"Kimi was, I don't know, drinking some vodka or dreaming or something, I don't know what the hell he was doing, but he should have been on the right and he was on the racing line, dreaming.”


Just in case he hadn't got his point across he added, "Kimi couldn't have done a better job of distracting me. He was right on the racing line, on the most important lap of qualifying and it ruined my rhythm."


Webber realised he was ranting, “Anyway, no one's here to listen to a shopping list of excuses.”


But that didn't stop him adding to the list, “I had a big distraction from Kimi because he was totally asleep on the back straight. He couldn't have done a better job to distract me into Stowe.”


Webber just kept on going, “He sat on the racing line and just basically didn't care what was happening, so that was very frustrating for me because it broke the rhythm.”


Webber did manage to change his tune when he was asked about the boys back at the factory, “Obviously the work that's gone in has been working, because there's nothing worse when you're breaking your balls and it doesn't work.”


After qualifying Rubens Barrichello had this to say about his lap that got him second place on the grid, in no way did he over hype it, “It was the best lap of the weekend in Q3 where I took the extreme of the car. I need to check if I breathed during the lap because it was such a nice one.”




Jenson Button was struggling for pace on the harder tyre, and during the race we heard him come on the radio to let the team know what the problem was.


Initially I thought he was about to crash or go on a Sato style banzai run into a breaking zone, but it was just some useful technical information for his engineers to munch over, "Argh (more a roar than a scream)! This is so frustrating. I just can't go through turn one. The car's hitting the ground!"


Vettel was defiantly excited to have won, “I had a fantastic car. I mean it was unbelievable. I was able to push, push, push more and more and more and the tyres were very consistent, so very good tyres as well.”


Mark Webber endeared himself further to the British fans, as after the race he commented on his feelings for Silverstone, “It is a brilliant place for a Formula One car and certainly destroys a lot of the other venues...”


Team mate Sebastian Vettel was doing the same, “I regret a little bit I am not an Englishman as the fans are fantastic.”


Barrichello seems to think he's playing a round of golf with Button, “Jenson has been quite strong in every race this year. Let's say he birdied the first holes, I hope he bogeys the next ones and I can birdy (the rest).”


Lets hope in Hockenheim we see a battle for the lead, maybe even an eagle from Barrichello, till then drive safe!