A Winning Roadtrip for Baltimore?

Brian MarkhamCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

Sure would be nice. If Daniel Cabrera can guide the O’s to victory today, they will wrap up the seven game trip 4-3 which is very respectable given their struggles against the central and the west in past years. Then it’s back home for three against the red-hot Rays before heading out west for a three-city, ten-game road trip.

It’s not going to be an easy stretch for the Birds but it sure has been fun watching them surpass early expectations. A share of first the last week of April? I’ll take it.

Enjoy the game today, DCab vs. Javier Vasquez. Should be good - unless you listen/watch the White Sox broadcasts where all of their announcers are SO whiney. As soon as the White Sox are down they just get so lazy on the game calling. It’s like listening to crowd noise and two bored dudes just going through the motions. Come on guys, you win some you lose some; take a chill pill.