25 Best Fictional Teams Ever

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25 Best Fictional Teams Ever

Imagine a world where any movie or television show about a sport never drifted far enough out of reality to free it from having to make the plot revolve around a real team and real players.

Studio budgets would hemorrhage from the licensing fees and lost royalties, and audiences would face the prospect of watching athletes deliver pithy dialogue for one or more hours.

That's not to say that great sports flicks and shows haven't, or won't, be made with one foot squarely planted in the real world—but most people who love the genre probably enjoy a little escapism with any historical accuracy.

The best fictional teams are those that capture what we love about a sport and the people that are a part of it and make us forget about all those mundane or frustrating elements that often make the real thing feel less than special (even if it's just for a moment or two). 

Here are the 25 Best Fictional Teams Ever. 

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