What Do We Do With Zito?

Michael NewCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

Barry Zito, the San Francisco Giants No. 1 starter in the rotation, the supposed ace of the staff, and the second highest paid pitcher in the history of the game, is suddenly washed up!

The problem is that the Giants have him signed through 2013. Including this year, we’ve got six more seasons where he will make a total of $111.5 Million. Gulp!

The line on Zito so far this season is pretty pathetic to say the least. He is 0-6 in his six starts this season, with a 7.53 ERA, 15 walks, 11 strikeouts and has given up 30 runs. Lefties have hit .348 off him and righties have hit .333. He’s averaging only 4.2 innings per start and taxing the bullpen every time he takes the mound.

So, it’s time to look at our options. I’ve compiled a list of the top 6:


1) Send him to the bullpen to see if he can figure out his location problems.

2) Skip his next start and give him some extra work with Rags on the side.

3) Pull off a miraculous trade and dump at least a portion of his salary. (Who am I kidding)

4) Option him back to the minors where he can regain his confidence.

5) Force him into an extended stay on the DL citing an arm problem.

6) Cut ties and eat the $111.5 Million we owe him.


Honestly, every scenario here makes my brain hurt. I can’t stand the fact that we are even talking about this subject to begin with. But, since we’re in the situation, we’ve got to put our GM hats on and figure out what we can do.

Although I would like No. 3 to happen, I know that no team out there in their right minds will trade for him. So, if it were me, I would do No. 1. We can’t afford to run him out there every fifth day and blow the game.

We’ve got to do what is best to help this ball club win, and keeping Zito in the starting rotation is not the answer. So, I ask you…what would you do?