The Carpenter Puts a Nail in His Title Shot Coffin Against Diego Sanchez

tyler griggsContributor IJune 21, 2009

Clay "The Carpenter" Guida had a very tough fight tonight at the TUF 9 Finale. He fought "The Nightmare" Diego Sanchez in a very close fight.

At 25-6, Guida came into this fight, I believe, ready for a shot at the winner of the Florian-Penn fight for the Lightweight belt at UFC 101. Coming off of a three fight win streak, with wins over Diaz, Danzig and Schiavo, Guida is always an exciting fighter.

Guida tonight came out in a flurry, as did Sanchez. Guida got hit a couple of good times with uppercuts, hooks and a flying knee or two in the first round alone!

Guida was bleeding from the nose, which might have been broken, about half way through the round. Then close to the end of the round Guida got caught with a head kick, but quickly recovered. Sanchez won that round supposedly 10-8

But The Carpenter was not done just yet. He came back in the second round, and started it off with a wrestling match, where it ended with Guida on top. Sanchez had different submission chances but just couldn't finish it. Sanchez did land some nasty elbows from the bottom, making Guida bleed just a little bit more.

Third round, a couple of exchanges happened and a takedown defense by Sanchez. Sanchez had a few more submission chances but didn't go through with them.

The fight ended with a sign of respect between the two by Guida patting Sanchez on the back. Sanchez ,with his hand raised high, was announced the winner.

So now the shoe is on the other foot. Sanchez was also in my book ready for a title shot. Sanchez also coming off of a three fight win streak, would also be a good match for the winner of the Penn-Florian fight at UFC 101.

I end by saying congradulations to the winners of the TUF tournament, and good luck in their UFC future. Congrats also to Sanchez in his win and his next step to becoming champion.