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Memmie B.Contributor IJune 20, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Batista stands in the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

The WWE just hired another paycheck to the "Creative" staff, this one a vice-president.  Does this mean better writing out of the Hollywood rejects? I doubt it.  Normally such moves in all business means you make some cost cutting moves on the manufacturing floor to pay for their new bloated salery. 

The follow is just such a list of exits from the factory floor:

Ken "Mr. Kennedy" Anderson was released.  He had just come back from an extended shoulder injury.  There were conflicting reports he hurt his wrist on his first night back, and another - that Orton pitched yet another hissy over a perceived ring offense against him.   I only know Anderson/Kennedy sure can talk, he completely out mic'd Orton on Raw his first and last night back despite some technical glitches. The only injury that I could see from my couch happened to Orton fragile ego.  

But to date by far Mr. A's best performance was his wordless statement, posted on his official website in response to the rumors of just why he was released the night before.   I will miss him.  Good Luck MISTER ANDERSON. . . ANDERSON!!!!

Edward Fatu (a/k/a Umaga) - Now honestly I never got the whole taped thumb of death Schtick.  Reports have now turned into “You didn’t fire me - I quit."  As far as him needing rehab reports; Honestly, I don't care.  That is between him and his family.  If he does need get help, I hope he gets it.

Two for the price of one Friday releases; Candice "Go Daddy" Michelle and Sim "Butter Fingers" Snuka were both released this week.  Michelle, who has spent some time on the shelf with a nasty broken collar bone, briefly returned and was soon out again with a bad ankle. While she was “convalescing" she passed her time with acting and modeling gigs.   She did prove you don't need no stinking crutches, when highs heels on a photo shoot will support a tender ankle just fine thank you.

Then there is Sim "Butter Fingers" Snuka; the son of legend Jimmy the Superfly Snuka.   Junior Snuka as it stands now will best be remembered for the sickening sound of the Undertaker's skull hitting the concrete at Wrestlemania 25.  

The two sides of this go as follows.

A)     WWE - Snuka was out of position leading to Undertaker's skull meeting concrete.

B)      Snuka  - blames an air born Taker for I guess not flapping his arms fast enough and  coming up short, leading to skull meeting concrete.

Either way; Mr.  Snuka had one job to do that day.  DROP the camera - CATCH the flying dead guy.   Bret Hart made a statement soon after that said it best when the Undertaker says, he will catch you as you fly over the ropes, you can bet he WILL catch you.   The Undertaker should not have had too expect anything less from Sim Snuka.  

Other cuts loosening up cash flow, RAW’s Matt Walsh, otherwise known as Joseph Canterbury in Florida Championship and minor leaguers Lupe Viscara, Kafu, Jon Cutler and Dakota "Maverick" Darsow. 

On The Mend: (Get Well Soon)

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Briscoe suffered a series of strokes this past week. 

Taker’s hip surgery seems to have gone well. Now he's resting/rehabbing the hip and knees at his Florida home.  

Michelle McCool broke her nose yet again.  Talk about injury prone.

Dave Batista tore another body part off the bone. Maybe he should consider changing his workout routine?

Good News/Bad News/Just News:

Dusty Rhodes the wrestling legend is alive; Dusty Rhodes the baseball legend is not. 

Big Show, Mrs. BS  and the WWE are being sued by a company claiming  that Slow, who has a well documented history of not being the first guy at the gym for training, and didn’t work for the WWE at the time, was suppose to become a boxer. 

The silly rabbits claim they pre-paid Mr. Work Ethic a million dollars for the house he now lives in; pre-paid him $84,000 and in the process had to mop up a massive tax bill.  Now they want their money back from the Shows and $15 million from the WWE who were even sillier  rabbits for re-signing him. 

My question is after watching that Ray Ray sized boxer bust him up shouldn’t they be thanking Vince for saving them anymore cash loss and embarrassment?

Brock Lesner wants people to know he has a body of a black man.  Honestly Brock, you just have the body an old fashioned corn fed mid western farm boy.  He also said he’s in the MMA for the money that's as good as reason as any.

Torrie Wilsons seems to be doing well in the Jungle. Basketball player John Salley made a comment that he was going to leave because he didn’t stand a chance of winning against a blonde pretty WHITE girl (Wilson).  No Mr. Salley you will lose because the longer the show is on the more you’re coming across as a dick.

Speaking of – Donald Trump on RAW.

Eric Bischoff and Paul Hayman have decided to put their two cents in on CM Punk’s no one else is left to push push.  “The best promo” and “It’s his time.” To me he looked like, a guy who had forgotten his pants, just standing in the ring in his T-shirt and jockeys, the bags under his eyes betraying a hard night before where his buddies drew on him with a sharpie.

Finally, Kane is off being the professional and basically great guy he is in India.  The word coming back from his WWE promotional tour is he’s a hit, he’s always a hit, he's Kane.  Yet still Stephanie’s Hollywood Rejects can’t figure out how to use him.  Just sayin . . .