The Arrogance of Football Powers

Timothy NCorrespondent IJune 20, 2009

ROME - MAY 27:  Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United and Dimitar Berbatov of Manchester United react after they lost the UEFA Champions League Final match between Barcelona and Manchester United at the Stadio Olimpico on May 27, 2009 in Rome, Italy.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

No, this will not be another article about Ronaldo leaving Manchester, at least not in particular. This will be about the latest rounds of discussion in the wake of the mega transfers that have recently occurred.

First, there is Real Madrid being linked to everyone. Now that they secured two of the top five players in the world, they are chasing down two more players that can be considered at the top of their positions.

David Villa is arguably the most wanted and prolific striker in the world this past year.

He is currently tearing up the international scene with Spain and doing almost equal damage with Valencia. Signing him would add to the cult of the 'Galacticos'.

But there's one problem, Valencia have insisted they do not want to sell to Madrid.

Not only do they not want to sell to Madrid, but they want to sell to their rivals in Barcelona or to Chelsea (who have given quite a significantly larger bid than Madrid).

Still Madrid chases with an arrogance and swagger that would make the New York Yankees blush.

Their supporters of course love this policy, this endless unsettling of other clubs and lack of any idea of how to build chemistry.

They defend Madrid because of their glorious history, as if it is the destiny of the club to not only win (as all club supporters should think) but to outright subjugate other clubs.

The second and even more extreme example is Franck Ribery. None other than "The Emperor" Franz has said that he does not want to sell, but what does Perez do?

He sends the legendary Zinedine Zidane to recruit Ribery until Bayern Munich ups the price to such insane levels that it seems more rage than business sense.

Not only that, but it makes Munich look for other offers as if to snub Madrid even though they can offer the best combination of players and cash.

While both players have expressed on level or another that they would enjoy playing at the Santiago Bernabeu, if their clubs do not want to sell it only causes strife for all parties involved; a la Ronaldo and Manchester United this past season.

This leads to the other side of the coin. Manchester United have recently lost both Ronaldo and Tevez and have had players like Villa and Ribery declare they would never play at Old Trafford.

What do pundits (read every English writer in the world) and supporters say?

"We don't need them, Sir Alex Ferguson is a genius, the club will get better without them"

Am I the only one that thinks losing your best player and your most energetic player are bad things? Seriously? This is not Barcelona dumping Deco and Ronaldinho, this is something that at the very least should be unsettling.

But apparently, SAF can win with no one on the field, if you believe Eurosport and Paul Parker, who is by far the worst imitation of an analyst I have read. (I get it, you love MU, write for them, not for a general site.)

This type of arrogance is equal to Madrid's policy of buying everyone. These teams have won a lot of trophies and have a tremendous history, but one would think that approaching teams and personnel decisions should require a little more tact, a little less arrogance.

Take for example Barcelona and for once Chelsea's approach to transfers.

Both teams are rather rich from their constant high finishes and both have incredible teams already. They recognize that they can get better, which Manchester apparently does not recognize.

However, they consider other clubs do not always sell their best players, and if they want a chance, they have to be respectful and offer generous amounts, which is the opposite of Madrid's near bullying of clubs to sell to them.

This is why I believe that not only will these two sides be able to sign the likes of Aguero, Ribery, Villa, etc., but that they will be the best two sides in Europe next season.

Confidence and swagger are not always on the sleeves, but in the actions and knowledge.