B/R Turns Into WWE: ECW

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IJune 20, 2009

Out of Character Announcement

How is everyone? It looks like my stay as ECW GM is a permanent. So I promise to be fair and equal to ideas, title shots, and other things as well. Just leave me a PM or a comment on the show.

Some people got cut to make the show more like the REAL ECW. Right now there is 16 guys on the roster. If you want to keep your spot on the show let me know, because I am just getting rid of the guys who do not want to be on the show.

The Bash will be in 3 weeks, so I have to build 3 matches. If you aren't included, do not be mad, it is kinda difficult to keep up with everyone on the show, but I promise good usage.

Also if you have a specific character you want to challenge and he is not included in a storyline, just drop it on the thread and I will include it in next week's edition.

I also want to apologize for the schedule mix up. I hope things get back to normal.


A tape of Ross and Rob's backstage interview is being played on the titanron. It is a reminder that Ross will challenge Mike Scanlon for the ECW title. The special guest referee is also the man who will meet the champion at The Bash.

The ECW theme then plays.

(Tony) "Ladies and gentleman welcome to ECW, live from St. Louis, Missouri. Tonight is a big night, as Mike Scanlon will take on Ross Rutherford for the ECW title."

(Jax) "Tony I am pumped for this match. But I am also excited to find out who the special guest referee is for this match, and how he is going to enforce Ross' bodyguard Rob the Juggernaut."

(Tony) "Also tonight we will see Kevin Williams in another make it or break it match against Rashad "Valentino" August. The loser will be banned from ECW."

(Jax) "Tony, do not forget that Benjamin David has a title defense against Tyler Williams for the resurrected ECW TV title whenever GM Riz chooses. That should be a good match."

Breathe Remix comes on through the speakers and GM Riz makes his way to the ring.

"Whuddup Saint Louie!!"

The fans cheer.

I am here tonight to--

Ross and Rob make there way to the ring. Ross grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

"Look. I don't care about what else comes out of your mouth. The only thing I need to hear is who the special ref is for my title match. This is my mome--"

(Riz) "You better check yourself, fool! I hope you do not think coming out here cutting me off is something that will make you look good to this audience. I like your talent, no doubt, but you better show me some damn respect or I will replace you with someone else in tonight's main event."

Fans cheer.

"You will find out tonight who the ref will be. And you better build a wonderful relationship with him if you want to become the next ECW champion."

David Bowston then heads to the ring.

(Riz) "Ahh. The reason why I am out here. Rob! Tonight you will be in a match against David Bowston. The match begins...now!"

(Ross) "Why are you putting him in a match right now? He isn't ready for this at all."

(Riz) "I suggest you slide your narrow ass out of this ring and manage your bodyguard. I have no issue with replacing you Ross."

Ross and Rob whisper to each other while Bowston and GM Riz shake hands at the end of the entrance way. Riz heads backstage as David gets into the ring. The bell sounds.

David paces around the ring while Rob waits in his corner. Both men go in for a lock up. They lock up and Rob rams his knee into David's stomach. The massive Rob then hoists Bowston up for a gorilla press and launches him in the air. David hits the ground.

As Ross claps on with approval, Anon comes from out of the crowd and hits Ross in the head with the Hardcore title.

Rob rushes to Ross' aide. Anon meets up with him and they start brawling. Both exchange rights and lefts until Rob powerslams Anon onto the steel steps.

(Remember, no DQ or countouts in my ECW matches.)

Bowston is up and hits Rob with a shooting star press attack which knocks Rob onto the barricade. He starts stomping Rob until he is down on the mat. Bowston helps Anon up when Ross nails them both with a chair.

Ross then throws David in the ring as Rob gets onto his feet. He climbs into the ring and lifts David up for his finisher, the Gunn Stinger. 1, 2, 3.

"Your winner, Rob the Juggernaut."

Rob and Ross head back out to finish off Anon. Anon tries to create space with both men, but they keep on pounding him. Anon his the ramp way as Rob boots him to the floor, landing hard on his head.

Ross runs back and gets a table. He drags it over to the top of the stage as Rob is dragging Anon. They both continue to stomp on him as the fans chant "Anonymous Guy."

AG tries to fight back, but Rob is too strong (345 lbs). Ross heads to the backstage area and returns with a ref. Rob lifts Anon up and hits a running fall away Samoan drop right onto the table. He pins Anon for the 3 and he is the new Hardcore champion.

(Jax) "Impressive. No one has ever manhandled Anon like Rob the Juggernaunt just did. this man has awesome power, and is backed by a very intelligent Ross Rutherford."

(Tony) "Maybe this is an omen for later tonight. Maybe Ross will beat Mike Scanlon for the ECW title. We will just have to stay tuned.

(Still Tony) Anyways, fans, up next we will see Rashad vs Kevin Williams. If Williams loses, he is out of ECW."

(Tony) "Welcome back, guys. We just witnessed a crowning of a new champion, as Rob the Juggernaut just destroyed Anonymous Guy."

The play the footage of Anon being put through a table.

(Jax) "Anon should not have put his nose in the business of Ross n Rob. Now look. He is titleless and I do not think we will being seeing him tonight."

(RA) "Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall and it is a loser leaves town match. Introoducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia. Kevin Williams.

The fans give a tired down cheer.

And his opponent. From Nashville, Tenn., Rashad "Valentino" August!

Both men lock up and the bell sounds. Rashad kicks Kevin in the midsection and throws him outside. Rashad exits the ring and Kevin greets him with an elbow to the mouth. He bangs his head up against the apron.

Under the ring, Kevin grabs a stop sign and nails Rashad in the head with it. He picks Rashad up and rams his head into the steps. When Rashad hits the ground, Kevin shoves his foot on Rashad's head, applies pressure and pushes it against the steps.

Kevin breaks the hold and waits for Rashad to get to his feet. When he does, he throws him back into the ring.

Kevin gets on the apron, but Rashad is up and suplexes him into the ring. He goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Rashad whips him to the ropes and connects with a powerslam. He goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Tyler Williams then makes his way down to ringside, but Kevin and Rashad are not paying attention to him. He grabs a chair from ringside, and climbs into the ring. He sets the chair down, as Rashad sets up for his finisher and Tyler Tigerbomb's Shad.

The fans are cheering. Tyler grabs the chair, and he nails Kevin right in the head. He drags Rashad over, and the ref counts the 3.

"Your winner, Rashad."

(Backstage) Mike Scanlon is getting ready for his match. GM Riz walks in.

(Riz) "I want to wish you good luck tonight in your title defense. I hope you are a little more focused and intent on keeping your title, since you do not get a rematch."

(Scanlon) "Look, bro, I do not need a rematch, because this belt is going nowhere. Ross is not championship material. Hell, no one is champion material on this show but me."

(Riz) "Honestly, I hope you and Ross wreck each other. Its just one more of you sniveling girls that I don't have to worry about. Damn, now that I think about it, I should have sent you over to RAW in order for Svy to keep the women's division. HA! Oh, you an interview here in the next five, so hurry up. Peace out, girl scout."

As Riz is walking out of Scanlon's dressing room, Tyler Williams is waiting outside.

(Riz) "Oh man, you have TONS of explaining to do. You screwed your boy out of a contract, and you attack Rashad. You bored or something?"

(T.Wizzle) "I'm just making a name for myself, Rob. I--"

(Riz) "Who? What the hell did you just call me, boy?"

(Tyler) "Riz. My bad. Anyway, I'm making a name for myself. Its a new era, and you have NO credible competitors. If we went to war with RAW or Smackdown, we would be toast. Your talking about guys like JLB, Joe Burgett, Shane Howard, and "The Beast" Sulayman and The Uprising. Smackdown has guys like, well you and SB, AkD, Kevin Canny, Ron Johnson, Jev Thorpe, Masq---Uh...Dozer.

"My point is, dude I'm stepping up my game, whether you like it or not. I am the No. 1 contender for the TV title. I can get my hands on the Hardcore title whenever, and I know I can take on Ross, Kumar or Scanlon anyday. Just pay attention, Riz."

(Riz) "Mhmmm...Le--"

(Scanlon) "Oh man! I was just listening to everything you said Tyler, and dude, you fricking stink! HAHA! Oh man, if you honestly thought your tag teaming ass could contend with Michael Scanlon, your dumb, dense and dim-headed. Hey, I like that one. Any way, move over pissant, I have greatness to speak."

Mike struts off, title in hand. Tyler is mugging Mike as Riz has a smile on his face.

(Riz) "Take advantage of that...For the love of god if you want to make a name for yourself Wizzle, take advantage of this situation." Riz walks away.

(BA) "Please welcome my guest. He is the ECW champion, Michael Scanlon. Tonight Mike you will be defending your title against Ross Rutherford. They have made a big impact already tonight. Your thoughts?"

(Mike) "Ross is a small zit on my big ass. Tonight he will be popped, as well as his body guard, Rob. See, what people forget is that I am the ECW champion. I am at the top of my game. I could go to any brand and be dominant.

"People like Tyler Williams, Kumar, Ross and Rob just do not see that they are all mid-carders trying to make a name for themselves. But my presence here on ECW makes their futures look so...well I make it look like they have no future at all."

"The only future you have here, Mike, is titleless. And you will never see that title after tonight. You talk a big game for a bum who doesn't know when to shut up. You had a great ladder match, but dude, once you step in ring with the great T Wizzle, your happy days end here." Tyler brushes Mike off as he make his way to the back.

Breathe Remix comes on and GM Riz is heading to the ring with mic in hand.

"Without further ado, your number one contender and special guest referee."

CM Punk's theme comes on and Kumar makes his way to the ring with a ref shirt on. The fans are on their feet, since they have not seen Kumar in a month.

Ross makes his way to the ring with heavy heat along with Rob carrying the Hardcore Championship. Ross has not taken his eyes off of Kumar as he heads down the ramp.

Mike Scanlon's music hits, but does not come out immediately. His music continues to play and Scanlon still isn't out. Ross sends Rob to the back to find Scanlon.

Rob runs up the ramp and Scanlon appears out of nowhere from behind the curtain and levels Rob with a chairshot. Scanlon continues to beat down Rob with the chair and makes his way to the ring.

Scanlon and Ross start brawling in the ring. Ross throws Scanlon into the and delivers a superplex. Ross grabs a chair and attempts to hit Scanlon, but instead hits Kumar.

Mike charges after Ross, but Ross tosses Mike over the ropes. Mike is on the apron, so Ross delivers a Jericho-like dropkick and Mike tumbles to the floor. Mike starts to get up, and Ross connects with an Asai Moonsault and both men are down.

Rob is starting to make his way to the ring and he and Ross start a double team on Scanlon. Rob sets up a table on the outside while Ross continues to beat down Scanlon in the ring.

Anon comes down to the ring and starts to brawl with Rob. Anon gets the better of the two, and nails his finisher the Cruicifix, throwing Rob through the table.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Ross brings out a ladder. Scanlon fights back and starts to beat Ross with the ladder. Kumar gets up slowly and looks around. Kumar starts question Scanlon when Ross gives Scanlon a lowblow.

Ross starts to get in Kumar's face and slaps him. Kumar then hits Ross with his finishing move, The Prescription (Using the second rope, he puts his opponent in a reverse DDT position and flips over dropping his opponents chin on his shoulder.)

 He tells Scanlon to pin Ross. Scanlon goes for a pin, but Tyler Williams appears out of the crowd and breaks up the pin.

Kumar looks over at GM Riz, and GM Riz tells him to just let it happen. Tyler is stomping Mike in the chest. He grabs the ladder and beats it into Scanlon's chest some more. He leaves the ring with a big smirk on his face.

Both men are out. Kumar chills in a corner until someone gets up. Both men are staggering. Mike Scanlon scores with a right hand, and Ross fires back with one of his own. Both men continue until Ross misses, and Mike jams an elbow into Ross' back.

He scoops Ross up for the Scanlon Canyon, but Ross counters into a reverse DDT. He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2.

He picks Scanlon up for with a frontface lock, and nails a suplex. He holds on the to the face lock, spins up, and hits a neckbreaker. He continues with the lock, flips him and Mike on their feet, and finishes the combo with a Dangerous DDT. He holds the face-lock and goes for the pin. 1, 2, 3.

"Your winner and new ECW Champion, Ross Rutherford!"

(Jax) "What a way to end ECW. Remember, Scanlon does not get a rematch, but I am sure he wants to pursue Tyler Williams."

(Tony) "As for Ross, our new champ, I think he has found his new rival in Kumar. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, this has been ECW."


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