Philadelphia 76ers and Charlotte Bobcats Talk Trade Involving Samuel Dalembert

Derek PeifferCorrespondent IJune 20, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 30:  Samuel Dalembert #1 of the Philadelphia 76ers looks on against the Orlando Magic during Game Six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Wachovia Center on April 30, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Just two weeks removed from a trade with the Toronto Raptors that brought a legitimate three-point shooter to the 76ers, Philly is trying to swing more deals.

The Sixers are rumored to be in talks with the Charlotte Bobcats. The key names in the deal would have the Sixers sending shot blocking phenom C Samuel Dalembert to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for F Vladimir Radmanovic and C Nazr Mohammad.

The teams would also either swap first rounders, (The Sixers would get the 12th pick and the Bobcats would move down to 17th) or the 76ers would receive a second round pick in the June 25 draft.

If you're a Bobcat fan, you love this trade. The only downside to it from Charlotte's standpoint is the that if Sammy were to start for the Bobcats, Boris Diaw would more than likely be the odd man out to sit the bench. After Diaw's somewhat stellar season last year, that may not be what the team wants.

Aside from that, the Bobcats look good. It would give Bobcat's Coach Larry Brown an almost identical replica of the 2000-2001 76ers team he took to the NBA Finals. (Especially with rumors of Iverson reuniting with Coach Brown in Charlotte).

A strong shot blocking presence down low with great perimeter defenders would combine with potential starters coming off the bench. The Bobcats are a playoff team if this deal goes down.

For the Sixers, I'm up in the air. We lose our only shot blocking presence, but it's almost guaranteed to drop our points against per game by around 6 points. Dalembert is always due for at least three goaltending calls per game.

Shooting has been the biggest need for this team, but are Jason Kapono and Vladimir Radmonivic the answer? (No, Allen Iverson is). I'm not sold on those two. Shooters, yes. But they haven't shown to be able to do much more in terms of contributing in all facets of the NBA game. Time will tell.

In all honesty, I don't see the Sixer's pulling the trigger on such a deal unless they can draft a must-have athlete at 12, but not at 17. As much as I want to see Sammy gone, I feel as though it would be a downgrade. The only sure thing in this deal is that Vlad Rad and Mohammed won't complain as much as Sammy did. No one complains as much as Sammy.

With the draft being stockpiled on guards, a need for the 76ers, they may have their eye on big-man B.J. Mullens out of Ohio State. With that being the case, this deal is far out the window and almost buried. While a good player, Mullens will be sitting at 17 if the 76ers choose to select him. With guards being plentiful, that is a very plausible scenario for Philadelphia.

The deal would actually save in the ballpark of $2 million for the Bobcats. Dalembert is slated to make just over $10 million this year, while Mohammed and Vlad Rad are slated for about $6 million a piece. All three contracts will expire at the end of next season.

Is it worth it to downgrade just for the sake of change? If Samuel Dalembert will be traded, the question that needs to be asked is: Is this the BEST deal we can get for Dalembert? We'll find out by June 25th, NBA Draft night.


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