JOKERSWILD Streaks At The Memorial

JokersWildContributor IJune 20, 2009

We meet at the Bogey Inn - A place that is right around the corner from the 6th tee box at the Memorial Tournament -It is a yearly tradition to go to the Bogey to knock back a coupla cold ones at a decent price before paying 7 dollars for a 12oz draft once inside the golf course -

A bottle of water is 4 dollars and a lemon aide is $3.25 -Does that make any sense ? HHmm lemons sugar and "water" is cheaper than water .

We get to the coarse and it's already packed - When Tiger comes to Dublin for the Tourney he always brings a crowd - We head straight to the nearest beer tent and shell out our seven bucks for a cold draft of your choice of Dos Equis or Heineken light - I went with the Dos Equis -I like their commercials better.

We start our brutal trek around the course and notice that there is more eye candy here than on Bleeds blog - Thank god for dark cheap sunglasses -We make our way to a great spot on the course on the 11th fairway on the right side on a hill in the shade of a plethora of trees - note we hit every beer tent on our way to the 11th -needless to say we didn't feel the walk or remember it for that matter.

Once there we notice a patron passed out under a tree -I should have woke her up but I couldn't resist wondering if the ants that were crawling on her would  make her scream as she woke up and make a golfer miss-hit his shot  -I didn't happen but it would have been hilarious.

We nestle in under a tree and I set up my tri standing portable seat -


With beer in hand watching and waiting for Tiger to make his way to the 11th , It wasn't that long until we see a huge crowd coming our way on both sides of the fairway and we knew that Tiger was on his way. We didn't get to see the tee shot because of where we were at - But I doubt anyone could see it - They put the tee boxs so far back that I think they tee off somewhere in Chillicothe -

Man those guys are good -Tiger hits his tee shot about 285 or so and is on the right side of the fairway of this par five -Then he grabs a wood and hits a great second shot that goes right by us and lands in the rough just off the green - basically on in two -well almost.



 I drew this diagram to demonstrate his great eagle that started his comeback -

 As Tiger is walking up to the green he passes right by us and glances at me gives me a thumbs up and says "Whats Up Joker" -

Ok he didn't really say that because he was focused and you could see it in his eyes - I just knew something great was about to happen -And it did - He stood over his ball that was in the rough and then with a determined swipe at the ball it happened -

The ball rolled right into the freaking hole -an Eagle that started the comeback and led to Tiger winning his 4th Memorial Tournament.

It was a great day at the Memorial and with Tiger winning there was only one thing that would make my day complete -One thing that  would leave a statement -something that would say that JOKERSWILD was here -