From Idol to Enemy, United Fans Start to Show Their True Colours

Perm VacationCorrespondent IJune 20, 2009

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 11: Lucas Neill of Australia and Carlos Tevez of Argentina acknowledge each other after the international friendly match between the Australian Socceroos and Argentina at the Melbourne Cricket Ground September 11, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Once a fans' favourite, now United enemy number one, here is a break down of what United fans have to say about Carlos Tevez.

Sit tight, it's pathetic at best whilst hilarious at the least.

Quotes from United fans across the net:


From skysports:

TheMagic7 says "I have lost for Tevez, and if he does join Manchester City over Liverpool or Chelsea, then I am sorry to say, but he did go for the money."


Twisted says "the City fans know that players only go to them for money there's no passion in there side enjoy 10th again XD."



Macheda is God says "Thank god now the squad is virus free."

¡No Pasarán! says "F*** him….SIGN UP GIUSEPPE ROSSI."


They seem to think Dimitar Berbatov is better than Carlos Tevez, now if that is not hilarious then what is?.

Pooja says "Good riddance and win f*** all where you go next!"

Mark Moore says "it turns out he’s just another mercenary. Thanks for the goals but also good riddance."

One United says "excellent, now all the twats are out of the team, Just hope no more f*****g c****s arrive this summer."

rc7 say "Can we please have our money back £9 million deposit we paid for the Judas. We have met his demands and his transfer fee so return the money."


Can anyone else find a more ludicrous, insane, deluded, disappointing and ignorant comment from a United fan?