Cowboys The Team to Beat in 2008??

Drake EckCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

Dallas Cowboys are officially one of (not even mentioning the o-line)the best teams in the NFL. Ok lets break it down from and offensive stand point:Deon Anderson-Powerful FB, Terrell Owens-Extremely Talented WR, Tony Romo-Very very accurate...strong arm...and good leader, Miles Austin-hm..not the most talented but rising star, Marion Barber-Very Strong HB, Patrick Crayton-best WR on team besides T.O, Terry Glenn-Tied with Patrick Crayton at 2nd on roster, Sam Hurd-Only a single TD..but very good reception average 16.5 yards, Brad Johnson-Very talented QB and a great back-up for Romo, and Jason Witten-arguably the best TE in league

Now lets break it down from a defensive stand point:Remi Ayodele, Alan Ball, Chris Canty, Kevin Burnett, Quincy Butler, Courtney Brown, Stephen Bowen, Bobby Carpenter, Greg Ellis, Tearrius George, Ken Hamlin, Anthony Henry, Jason Hatcher, Bradie James, Khari Long, Tank Johnson, Kevin Oglesby, Terence Newman, Jay Ratliff, Justin Rodgers, Junior Siavii, Tyson Smith, Marcus Smith, Anthony Spencer, Pat Watkins, and Roy Williams.....Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, and Roy Williams pretty much make the team then think about all those other player...they are just adding more to it.

The Cowboys have a solid passing attack, a decent rushing offense, pretty good o-line, good d-line, very good DBs, and strong quick LBs. That is pretty much all you need to be a very good solid Super Bowl contending team.

Then you add the draft to that and they acquired:Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, Martellus Bennet, Tashard Choice, Orlando Scandrick, and Erik Walden. I have to say the Cowboys are like the Colts, Patriots who ever you want to say....but better. They just have so much talent. It is so unbelievable. They have the best Superbowl potential out of anyone. I mean teams like the Patriots, Colts, and Eagles have Superbowl potential, but the Cowboys have the most. Yes in my previous article I said T.O was over rated. I still stand by that, but I didn't say because of his playing ability, but specifically his attitude..and if he is worth his attitude, but by all means he is a fantastic receiver.

I honestly do believe the Cowboys have right now definetly top 3 cowboy team of all time..maybe even as much talent as any team in the NFL has had...nah...but there franchise..yes.