Aquistion of Mr. Kennedy Creates Endless Storyline Possibilities for TNA

Christopher NgoContributor IJune 19, 2009

Although it has been going around in various wrestling rumor mills, if true, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling may gain a much-needed shot in the arm in the form of Mr. Kennedy (Ken Anderson).

Anyone can hype up how an acquisition can make huge dividends for a company; however, in the world of professional wrestling, a wrestler without a story or purpose becomes not a talent but a liability.

With a versatile character like Mr. Kennedy, one could see many ways on how he could fit in the TNA scene.

After dislocating his shoulder and returning nine months later, Kennedy wrestled for one televised night on Raw, possibly injured his wrist, almost injured Randy Orton, and was released from his contract on May 29.

Kennedy shot a video of himself that showed evidence that his wrist was fine, which slammed arguments that he was injury prone.

Another rumor claimed that because Orton had so much influence behind the scenes, he convinced management to release Kennedy from his contract obligations.

Character-wise, Mr. Kennedy would have animosity against WWE and lead an anti-WWE campaign in TNA.

Kennedy does not need to wrestle right off the bat for TNA, but can work many shoot promotions to further build up his character. His promos could resemble the ones "Stone Cold" Steve Austin did in ECW after WCW terminated Austin's contract.

The audience would be entertained by Kennedy dressing up as Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, or John Cena taking shots at them saying, "Dave Batista was as injury prone as me. But since I wasn't a world champion even though there were three to choose from, or I wasn't bald headed, or married the owners daughter, I was let go."

If Kennedy was with Manu doing promos together, they would have a field day on Orton. His promo skills alone would boost TNA ratings as people would tune in to see what would Kennedy do next.

Ultimately Kennedy needs a feud, which he could find with Main Event Mafia. MEM consists of established WWE/WCW superstars whose purpose is complete influence and control over the company.

In some aspects, MEM is what Randy Orton is behind the scenes; thus, for a start, Kennedy could surprise attack the members of MEM to cost them matches against Frontline or to Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett (I'll call them management).

This would get MEM frustrated at Kennedy and a slew of promos and matches would ensue.

There are other ways Kennedy can be brought into TNA that can be discussed in the comments section. Ultimately for TNA to be successful, give Kennedy a direction, let him loose, and he will deliver better ratings. TNA can definitely build a company around him.