The Sports Focus: College FB Week Two Review

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The Sports Focus: College FB Week Two Review

Welcome back to The Sports Focus, where I talk sports so you can sound smart at the water cooler.

It was another crazy week in college football...and I had a down week in my predictions, as far as I'm let's find out what happened.

My Prediction Record Last Week: 20-7 (74%)

My Overall Prediction Record: 48-9 (84.2%)

My Prediction Record is made up of my featured game previews along with my predictions for all the games in the top 25.

All rankings are according to the top 25 JC Poll.

#15 Rutgers: 41
Navy: 24

There isn't much to say about this game, really...I just love the fact that Navy lost. Rutgers was a better all-around team, and Navy doesn't look as sharp this year as in the past. Watch out in a few weeks, Navy—the boys in blue are coming to town. SINK NAVY!

#1 LSU: 48
#11 Virginia Tech: 7

I knew LSU would win this game...but I didn't think it would be so bad of a blowout. What LSU did to Virginia Tech is illegal in at least 42 states.

You can't blame Virginia Tech—they don't rank themselves. They were overrated, as evidenced by their struggles versus ECU in Week One. Many thought that was just a minor emotional hiccup. They were wrong.

Virginia Tech will still compete for the ACC title, but the loss is evidence of just how weak the ACC is this year.

LSU's defense is ridiculous. The fact they aren't #1 in the polls yet is an abomination, exposing the media's obvious bias toward USC and the Pac-10.

#5 Oklahoma: 52
Miami: 13

As evidenced by the display on the field, Bob Stoops has NO class. With two minutes left in this game and Oklahoma up by 30+ points, the Sooners were not only passing the ball—but aiming for the end zone.

Why? Bob Stoops knows how to work the poll voters. High scores gets more votes.

Oklahoma is a good team, but the lack of class is horribly disturbing and disgusting. Miami's defense hung in as long as they could, but with the offense stalling on the ground, the Canes couldn't hang with the Sooners.

#12 Texas: 34
#16 TCU: 10

I was right about TCU's defense...for three quarters. Texas finally decided to start looking like the Texas we all know seven quarters into the season.

TCU's defense held Texas to 10 points in three quarters, and the Horned Frogs were up 10-0 at halftime...but Texas proved to be too much in the end. It was the Horns' running game, not their passing game, that saved them in the second half. The fact that TCU didn't score an offensive touchdown could be worrisome for the Horned Frog faithful.

#8 California: 34
Colorado State: 28

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: California has no defense. They outscored Colorado State to win this game—and they barely did so at that.

On paper, Colorado State should be nowhere NEAR California. Colorado State is on an eight-game losing streak stretching back to last season, and this score is proof that Cal won't be able to stay among the undefeated.

On a better note for Cal, WR DeSean Jackson may arguably be the frontrunner for the Heisman at the moment.

#9 Georgia: 12
South Carolina: 16

Coach Spurrier has learned a few tricks in his time away from Florida. Offense is great, but defense wins ball games.

The scoreline might suggest the offensively-minded Spurrier was comatose during the game—but no, the Ol' Ball Coach was indeed the mastermind behind this defensive showdown.

Georgia QB Matt Stafford didn't have a bad game, but the South Carolina defense, which gave up 14 points to Louisiana Lafayette, didn't allow the Bulldogs into the end zone.

Florida, Tennessee, and the rest of the SEC better be on the lookout—Spurrier's prediction of an SEC title may not be so unrealistic.

#10 Penn State: 31
Notre Dame: 10

I almost got this prediction right down to the exact score (I called it 35-10).

Notre Dame is as bad advertised—the Irish haven't scored an offensive touchdown in 10 straight quarters, dating back to last season. They were held to 0...ZERO...rushing yards in the game.

Charlie Weis may be on the hot seat after this season, as his team may do as poorly as 1-9 in their first 10 games. At this point, even Navy is licking their chops at the chance to put the nation's longest losing streak to a halt. And to be honest...they have a legitimate shot.

#19 Auburn: 23
South Florida: 26

The second week in a row without their top two running backs finally caught up with Auburn.

In the second quarter, freshman RB Mario Fannin ran for nearly 60 yards, and helped the offense put up 14 points. A series of fumbles landed the rookie back on the bench, and the running game proceeded to stall like my Aunt's '78 Oldsmobile.

Auburn needs to play Fannin, despite his tendency to fumble.

The defense was stellar for the Tigers, allowing USF to convert four Tiger turnovers into just three points. But it wasn't enough—and won't be in the future unless Auburn can turn things around on offense.

Air Force: 20
Utah: 12

What a game by the men in blue!

The offense showed it can click against a decent defense, and the running game looks to be as dominant as ever. That said, Air Force shot itself in the foot too many times with costly penalties, and that part of the game must improve if Air Force is to keep winning.

The defense played the game of their lives, with two interceptions, key sacks, and a huge goal line stand on the one-inch line to deny Utah the chance to tie. Air Force will go bowling this year.

#25 Oregon: 39
Michigan: 7

Michigan is digging themselves into an inescapable hole.

The defense struggled as I expected—but much to my dismay, the offense looked terrible! Oregon's defense dominated the game, and the Ducks offense moved the ball with ease.

Lloyd Carr is done, I'm afraid—this will be his last season as Michigan head coach. (Perhaps he'll be a target for Tennessee or even Alabama, given the way they go through coaches...).

Michigan needs a boost, and they're lucky next week to play one of the teams truly worse then they are...Notre Dame. QB Chad Henne is out for the Notre Dame game, however, and his absence could complicate the situation.

Cincinnati: 34
Oregon State: 3

So Oregon State was supposed to be one of the top four teams in the Pac-10. Cincinnati is supposed to be the fifth-best team in the Big East.

Look, the Pac-10 has been doing better than I usually give them credit for, but this game was embarrassing. The Beaver loss was either an indication of the Pac-10's lack of depth beyond USC, California, UCLA, and Oregon...or proof that the Big East has surpassed all expectations...or maybe a combination of both.

The Top 25 JC Poll, Week TwoIcon

1. LSU
2. USC
3. Florida
4. West Virginia
5. Oklahoma
6. Penn State
7. Wisconsin
8. California
9. Texas
12.Ohio State
14.Georgia Tech
18.Boston College
19.South Carolina
21.Texas A&M
22.Virginia Tech

Others: Tennessee, Auburn, Washington, South Florida, TCU, Boise State

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